Camera appears off line but events and live accessible

One camera appears to be off line but still have access to events and live and sd card. Signal is 3 bars. Firmware and appears off line when selected. Wyze cam v3. Unplugged and ré plugged and now appears on line

I believe this was related to the AWS Outage. Mine have all come back

Exactly the same here - In group view, 2 x V3’s showing fine and 1 x V3 showing offline. Clicking on the offline cam produced full functionality in the single cam view. UK here.

Not in my case unfortunately, still one V3 showing offline. I have tried the suggested “turn it off and on again” a few times, no joy.

This has been a periodic issue for years. Eventually the camera will go back “online”. Might be minutes, might be weeks - most likely somewhere in between. Power cycling MIGHT help.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help. As a result of this problem I am unable to keep an eye on the 3 different areas together like I could in group view. There really is no logical reason for this to occur?

Same here. Still happening. Been several days now.


Now working here again.

I’ve been having the same problem with one of my cameras as well. It’s very frustrating.

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I just came here with the same problem- its been 2 months i have power cycled a few times and swapped location with another camera so it is now 5 feet from my router and still it shows offline but I still get events and live - Alexa also says its offline

My Pan V3’s are showing offline via the app, my others cams (V1, V2 pans) are working. The V3’s show working via internet viewer.

Can’t believe this issue has not been fixed. It has been an issue since a software update over a year ago. I have one cam still running the original firmware and it shows as online with no issues, but my other three Wyze Cam V3’s running the latest firmware and all iterations of firmware since the first update all show as offline in the app. Even though they still show/record events and live view works, they all show offline so things like firmware updates I have to do manually and some features don’t work. I have reset them and factory reset them and re-added to app as new cameras literally dozens of times. It is obviously a flaw in the firmware, that they have never fixed. In fact if you have the old firmware, you can flash it to that and they camera will magically work right, but if you reflash a new version of the firmware, the camera will show as offline again. Sucks to have to run old firmware to get the hardware to work right. LOL!

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Hahahah! Only a year? You have a much longer wait to go. They don’t care they just want to put out new products and forget about fixing the old… I’m over 3 years now waiting for the app update for the thermostat they promised me multiple times… always I get “ the next update should have it”

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Been there since day one. Sometimes a power cycle will fix it, and sometimes you just have to wait. Might be hours, might be weeks. I currently have a V2 in this state. Everything works except it shows off-line. Not a huge problem except you can’t do firmware updates (other then a uSD card update) when it shows off-line.

And also when off line you can’t view on a smart device like Alexa which I need to do when Alexa Announces a person is detected…

I have no video “smart” devices…

I was just adding to your “it works Except” list