V3 without internet different from V2?

i’ve got two Wyze Cam V2 and operate them without internet connection. It works great using the app and TinyCam on my tablet. I set them up using an internet connection and then disconnect the router from the internet.

I just got my V3 cameras and would like to add them to the same network. While it initially works the same way, the connection keep timing out and the cameras show as offline after a while. I continue to be able to see the V2 stream through the app and TinyCam on my tablet.

Once I connect the router to the internet, V3 again works for 15-30min or so.

Is there a fundamental difference in how V2 and V3 handle this situation?
Am i doing anything wrong?



I too have a cam v2 and just got v3 today. I also use TinyCam for my v2, but v3 won’t connect .
Will v3 get an update to fix this problem?

You would have to check with the TinyCam developer as Wyze does not support 3rd party developers. I do not use TinyCam myself currently but I thought I had seen posts of people using a v3 in TinyCam.

Did you do a firmware update? I just unpacked a second V3 and skipped the Firmware upgrade. That cam has been working for 30min now. Will be back tomorrow to confirm if it has been running overnight.

So not sure if the latest firmware update made a difference.

@WyzeJasonJ Both V2 and V3 are supported and work well with TinyCam.
The only difference is that the V3 with the latest firmware stops working without internet while the V2 and the V3 with the old firmware continues to work.

Yeah, the poster’s observation really has nothing to do with TinyCam.

The assertion is that unlike the V2, the V3s do not remain operable for very long when the Internet goes down. If true, that’s unfortunate.

Ok, seems I misunderstood the initial post. I will have to test my V3 and see how long it runs after I kill internet to it. I know the v2 will work until power resets but I have not tested the v3 for that.

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