V2/V3 working on LAN, but showing OFFLINE via internet

I have V2, V3, and OG cams.

The OG’s are working great on my LAN and via the internet while away from home at all times.

The V2 and V3 cams: If I am at home, on my internal network all cameras work. If I disconnect from my home network, all my V2 and V3’s won’t authenticate. The thumbnails in the APP do update to the last event like normal.

This has been happening intermittently for 3-4 months now. When it first happened, i had a bunch of information, error codes, etc. Then it cleared up in the last 3 weeks for about 2 weeks straight, everything worked great. I just deleted all the notes i had saved up for this post, and then about 5 days ago it started happening again. argh.

Currently about 5 cams that say “The device is offline”.
1 that says “Failed to connect. Error code: {-27}”.
2 OG’s that are working perfectly
1 Doorbell cam that sits at “step 1 of 3: connecting to camera by secure channel.” “Try to connect: 5 times” (obviously 5 is incrementing)

I have a fellow at work with some wyze cams at home, and he reports the exact same issues and timelines as me.

Cams have been firmware updated, hard reset many many times.

Anybody else having issues like this?

I am in Alberta Canada.


Not here in the USA :us:.

All I use are V2 and V3 cams. Always check on my cams if I am at the supermarket or overseas with no issues.

This does seem to be a common problem if you look around the forum. Luckily I have escaped scot-free.

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