I updated my base station firmware remotely. The base station and therefore cameras won't reconnect

I updated my base station firmware remotely, the camera and base stations are now offline. The reason for purchasing this system is for security. I have cameras in northern Ontario and Florida. The Wyze tech told me that I need to reboot the base station in order for the system to start again. I can’t because I’m not at either of these locations. Does this render these products useless?

You might try doing a factory reset when you’re back home.
Most manufacturers discourage remote updates on their products.

Sounds like you needa wifi plug

I am home. The cameras are at remote locations. I may not be at these remote locations for 6 months.

What will a wifi plug do for me?

A smart plug will do absolutely nothing for you now. If you still have the base in the future I would connect it to a smart plug so you can cycle the power. I think the only option now is if you have a friend/relative in the location of the cams/base that could access them, pull the power plug and restart the bases.

Better off If Wyze Cameras come in with a wifi power supply.

I prefer to use Kasa Wi-Fi smart plugs for my base and V3, separate from WYZE, it’s just another app I have to use and it’s simple.

Thanks for your help. This will work.

Just a few quick notes. Turning power off then back on to the base the top LED light on the base will flash yellow/then flash blue/then turn solid blue. If the cams show off line I have usually had to wait 3-4 min for all 4 cams to show back up on line. One cam usually starts quickly, the others follow a few minutes later. I tried my smart plug on the base twice just to test it out and that is what the result was. The V3 connects instantly after power is restored.

Thanks for your help.

Well we use gosund or domeething like that works great