Outdoor cams don’t reconnect after internet back online

I have indoor and outdoor Wyze cams (v1 and most recent) at a remote location. When the internet goes off for a period of time and then comes back, my indoor cameras come back online. However, none of my outdoor cameras come back online. What can I do? I’m not there to pull the power and reset the home base. I’ve also updated the software. Why is it different? The outdoor cameras aren’t much use if they can’t reconnect automatically like the indoor cameras.

How long does it go off for? Sometimes when the cams get disconnected they keep trying to reconnect and eventually die or give up to save battery.

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You have to reset the base station

Yes, but why do the older, indoor cameras come back online without having to reset the base station, yet outdoor cameras do not. They aren’t much use to me as a security system if I’m not in the area to reset it manually.

I recommend the next time you are at the location you connect the base power plug to a smart plug (Manufacturer of your choice) so you can power cycle the base. I have 4 Version One battery powered cams and they go off line about every 4 months for reasons unknown. I power cycle the base via smart plug and two of the cams will come back on line instantly, the other two take maybe 5 min to come back.

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Excellent idea. This might also work for my Bell home wireless PoE box. Could you recommend a brand? Also I have my box plugged into a google home wifi pod. Would that make a difference?

WYZE sells smart plugs if you want to keep it on the same app. I am using tp-link KASA smart Wi-Fi Plug mini. Sorry I don’t know anything about google home.