Rtsp on Wyse Camera v3

I have a v2 outdoors as well, magnetically attached under my window heat pump. But that isn’t the pan model. Moving parts and freezing weather tend not to go well together, as the last two vehicles I have had with powered mirrors can attest to.

Well… mine have gone trough pretty low temps…in the 20s I believe… I know it’s now much compared to other states…but the Wyze cams survived and other than this issue with reconnects as a result of them no wanting to be without internet connection… they have been working great outdoors.

Honestly, if it wasn’t because of the issue they requiring internet connection on RTSP… I was going to buy more V3 to replace the remaining V2s I have.

I use Blue Iris, so I want/need them to be completely off the internet and sadly this does not work well with Wyze… so I will be replacing all my Wyze cams with Reolink E1 Pro.

My non-pan v2 survived low single digit temperatures this February (during which we also had more snow in a few days than we normally have for several winters). Back on the moving parts, however, that window heat pump unit I mentioned had developed a problem with its fan bearing when I fired it up again when the temps got back up into the upper 30’s.

As you seem to be jumping into the deep end (replacing all your cameras), I wish you luck and hope my pessimism is unwarranted.

I am trying out one last thing here. I thought of this… since Wyze requires internet on their cameras… I will give them internet…but am making them almost unreliable haha… I gave them bandwidth of 0.1 Mbps which makes them almost unusable to view as they hardly connect at that speed…but they still work great in Blue Iris at fulls speeds.

I will keep an eye on them and see if I still have that issue…I think it should be ok because they ARE connected to the internet, so they will link, but other than that, they are pretty much useless haha.
No one from Wyze will be able to view them at those speeds.

I have been testing it and so far I haven’t seen any of them disconnect and reconnect…but they work flawlessly with Blue Iris lol.

So when trying to watch them using the Wyze app…it’s impossible… they just spin and spin haha.


I think Wyze only uses the connection for authentication (low bandwidth, but something you don’t care about) and viewing thru the Wyze app and for event clips (high bandwidth, if you do it).

What ezviz camera suppports rtsp or onvif?

I think many of them do, but not sure. Undocumented, but bingable. :wink:

I have Ezviz C1C

Password:code on camera


Bought BESDER 1080p from Xiongmai (XMEye) for $ 27 with PTZ on Ali. Works without internet via onvif (3 video streams via rtsp 720p and 1080p). There is a flashlight. Satisfied.

I actually just came here to post some testing results to rule out whether or not I have a bad camera or if Wyze just doesn’t play well with UniFi APs (it does). My testing concludes that the Wyze RTSP firmware is crashing or there is some kind of buggy reconnect request that stalls the camera if there is no internet connectivity (which is the whole point of using RTSP for me).

Wyze Cam V3 RTSP on:
UniFi AP w/Internet (0% packet loss)
UniFi AP without Internet (1.7 % loss)
AirPort Extreme AC w/Internet (0% packet loss)
AirPort Extreme AC without Internet (3.3% loss)

What’s interesting is the rhythm at which it times out when there is no active Internet connection for the camera. It does appear to be running a process that either crashes a service or stalls the camera long enough for a timeout/resume on the RTSP connection.

This stream disconnect occurs approximately every 1-2 two minutes for me, but only when the Internet connection is blocked.

I’m not optimistic about this bug being fixed, but if others haven’t reported any info like this, I’m hoping this find will be helpful.

Are you saying that if I block the camera’s access to theWyze servers, that it would not work on the local network with rtsp…which is the whole point of rtsp?

I don’t think it’s a bug…I think it’s intended to work this way to annoy you and force you enable internet because they want the device to have internet access and connect to their servers.

I think it is because they still require normal Wyze app functions, and Wyze has a verification security protocol in place that requires periodic security check-ins that require connections with their servers. If it was PURE RTSP, then it wouldn’t be required. No security required there.

But do the conspiracy thing, seems to work nowadays!

Wyze app functions like motion detection and alerts don’t work on RTSP anyway, so there’s no reason to have internet access on the camera?

And it’s not a conspiracy… this company is even though the owner is American, this company is very tied to China and it has been proven time and time again that these cameras connect to servers located in China…why that is… I have no idea.

They do that so you still have the option of running the app.

That is old info. There was a time that AWS cloud servers were occasionally using servers in China (and the rest of the world) as part of their pool, but Wyze has since asked them to restrict servers to the US, So even Wyze would like to know if a pool server from China is getting hit.

Truely you have no idea.

Wyze is using (or might have deals for) the design of Xiaomi camera.

Why does the RTSP service on this beta firmware stop functioning after roughly 24hours without internet connectivity? Camera is still ping’able from network but it literally closes off TCP port 554?

It makes no sense to me RTSP should make it a local device. Furthermore, though I allow internet access for both of my RTSP V3’s, each stops working about every 2 weeks until I reboot them. Does anybody know why that might be the case?

They must be so proud of this happening on the devices some type of call her on the process I can tell you 100% that I am able to completely disable my devices from any network access at all except for my local network within a certain amount of time the RSTP service that you configure in the beta firmware closes port 554 but immediately opens as soon as I enable firewall rules allowing access outbound again. It immediately turns back on so there’s some sort of process on the devices doing this on the v3 camera I would assume that it’s in the firmware but it might be deeper in the device itself. You know I really think it’s pretty cheesy that they do that, it really makes me want to know what is going to happen to these devices if wise actually ever goes out of business or if they end of life these devices basically I don’t want to buy many of them if I’m going to be out of the money later unless they provide some way to configure them by throwing a config file on the SD card. That would be really nice if you could actually just edit a config file and put it in that SD card and then boot it that would be ideal. If they don’t I simply was just go build my own custom cam using esp32 or pinecam. I didn’t want to actually do that because I was trying to say the time but you know it’s not really that hard to do at all I don’t like all the app anyways I’d rather just have some type of serial console access.

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I can confirm I’ve experienced the same issues described recently in this thread. I’m hoping someone from Wyze will speak to the internet requirement and phoning home failure/soft reboot/timeout (whatever is technically happening, it’s disruptive and ugly). A lot of RTSP users either don’t have internet where the camera is being used or don’t allow internet for a camera vlan, for example. Once this RTSP firmware is restricted from access to the internet, the reliability of the RTSP stream is dismal.