Rtsp on Wyse Camera v3

Hi all,

I just purchased a Wyse cam v3 to mount on my 3D printer only to find out there is no rtsp over local network as standard.

Anyone able to give advice on how I enable

Otherwise I’ve wasted some funds ;(

I already have ring, which at the moment are similar to these in operation. I need rtsp functionality please.



RTSP is promised for the V3 but no date has been given. RTSP is available for the V2 and Pan cameras. I am also anxiously awating RTSP for my currently eight V3 cameras. You can wait for it, or pick up a V2 and put the RTSP firmware in that (there are lots of V2 camera available on the used market as people have upgraded to the V3). I’m sure you can find some other use for the V3…


I already have a couple Wyze cams and am interested in the v3, but will not be making any purchases until the rtsp is developed. I use these cameras in conjunction with you Synology surveillance station, so hopefully this actually gets done and not just a promise that never gets fulfilled.


Many of us are anxiously not buying, waiting on RTSP for v3…


Wyze, can you please provide at least a date for release of RTSP for V3 Cams? I purchased 10 cams before finding out that RTSP was only available on V2 cams. We’re holding purchasing anymore cameras until RTSP is available for V3 Cams.

I need to use this as a security camera live view system with a QNAP NAS.

As a work-around I set up 9 cams on an Nvidia Shield running TinyCam Pro, but all of the cameras constantly drop offline for minutes at a time. Usually only 2-3 cameras will show their stream at any given time. Sometimes 6 cameras will show, but hardly ever all 9. It’s very frustrating. Running TinyCam Pro in BlueStacks doesn’t resolve the issue either.

Please, Wyze, don’t remain silent. It’s obvious you’re leveraging quite a bit into your “Cam Plus” product, but I withdrew procurement recommendations of nearly 150 V3 cams to clients unless/until RTSP capability becomes available. Wyze, you need to understand that you’re potentially alienating your best sales force: V3 Cam end users & consultants, who would recommend your products to people who might purchase Cam Plus, or at a minimum who could help you increase your market share in this segment.


Or you can get a h264 stream directly from the camera - after installing GitHub - FiveLeavesLeft/WyzeCameraLiveStream: Hack to allow live streaming from wyze cameras to vlc or mpv on your desktop.
The stream works fine in VLC, haven’t tried in shinobi or other sw.


works on v3 ?



this relies on another telnet hack which doesnt work with recent firmwares by the looks. no idea why its so locked down. ridiculous, its as if they dont want us to have rtsp.

You can manually downgrade the firmware to a compatible version. Will try newer firmware and also quality of live h264 stream recording vs quality of video when the video is continuously recorded to an NFS share. h264 stream has a couple of seconds delay, and I’m a bit concerned that the recording of the live stream quality may not be too good.

ah ok, do you know if there are any youtube videos around doing this, do i need to enable to nfs bit ? or can i do that later once root access is enabled ?

i wish they’d just release official firmware, they are surely annoying people and loosing a lof of sales.

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Dear Wyze Developers,

There are SO MANY loyal Wyze customers pleading with you for RTSP on Wyze Cam v3.

Back in December last year, you indicated it was being beta-tested:

Please, please, please can you let us know even just an approximate timeframe as to when it will be released? :pleading_face:

Many thanks.

Totally agree with hmuscroft above. We’ve been told since December, 2020 that RTSP on Wyze Cam v3 was in beta. I’m a CIO, and also an experienced programmer. Although I’ll agree that coding bugs can sometimes be difficult to overcome, it shouldn’t take 6 months of beta testing to release the code to the public. That’s what patch releases are for.

Something else is going on…

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I believe WYZE is focusing on selling more paid monthly plan than giving free rtsp function.
RTSP function is must for any security cam.
I should return this crappy cams to amazon.

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my free cloud storage trial is up, i wont be paying for it, not to record my 3d printer do its stuff, so they wont be getting another penny off me, unless they introduce rtsp, at that point i will consider another 2 cams.

I understand the frustration, but I’d really prefer to work with the Wyze Developers on this, rather than them perhaps feeling like they’re under siege from disgruntled customers.

So once again…

For the attention of the Wyze Developers…

Please, please, please can I plead with you for someone to reply here to let us know what your plans are?

If you’ve changed your minds and you’re NOT going to support RTSP, PLEASE can you just let us know so we can plan accordingly?

If you ARE still planning to release it as stated back in December 2020 (when you said it was being beta-tested)… PLEASE can you give us an update with just an approximate ETA so we’re not left in the dark?

As a community, we would really appreciate receiving some communication from you.

Many thanks in anticipation of your kind help.


I’ve asked nicely for an update many times. I bought alamot 20 V3 cams when they said “it was being developed” last fall.

I agree with “work with them instead of yelling at them” - but it gets frustrating as a customer when they are not even giving us hints as to if they are still working on it or if they’ve abandoned it. I know the moderators that work for the company read this, but then they ignore it :frowning:

I want a live outdoor YouTube feed for a historic site I manage and am getting discouraged that it’ll be available this summer when I could really use it.

Thanks Twocent. I’m just really hoping that if we keep asking really nicely, someone will have the decency to reply eventually… even if it’s only to say “sorry chaps, we’ve changed our minds and we’re not doing RTSP”.

So once again…

Dear Wyze Developers (or forum moderators, or any nice Wyze employee)…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone let us know the latest news re: RTSP on the Wyze Cam v3? Many of us having been waiting patiently for many, many months.

I really hope you agree that it’s not unreasonable to ask for an update?

Many thanks.


Considering WYZE grew by targeting early adopters, I don’t understand why more resources aren’t focused on getting RTSP support for v3. I seriously have several v3s sitting un-used because of lack of RTSP, and I was planning on getting 6 more and won’t before it’s there.

It should not even be an optional firmware, but rather a feature in the main branch of mainstream firmware.

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i totally agree here, an option within the normal firmware to allow external ip connectivity directly and feed rtsp stream is a must. im thinking maybe they ran into a max rom size, perhaps the rtsp needs more code than space available on the rom. these are current gen so im hoping thats not the case. its just irritating to think we’ve splashed out on hardware we cant even use for our purpose.

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