Is the new V3 Wyze Cam RTSP capable?

Topic says it all.

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Article says it all.

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I use RTSP with my v2 cameras. What is the estimated timeframe for RTSP firmware completion for the v3. I have 4 of those cameras on order.


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No timeline yet, but they’re working on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s out right before or after people get their cameras.


I am hoping it comes out soon. I tested the 2 v3’s I got in, but will not really utilize them until the rtsp firmware release.


I wonder with the upgraded specs why they need a separate firmware? I hate being on a separate branch without OTA updates. Price and RTSP support are what make these cameras work for me.

Answers we always hear are that’s not what most people want but it’s clearly enough of a demand to start the firmware generation process.

Or questions like this usually get some sort of forum snark, hopefully this community has evolved a bit. All of the major Home Automation forums are plagued with negative feedback so let’s prove me wrong!

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I agree with you, it would have been better to bake it in from the start. On the bright side they’ve just released a significant RTSP update for the V2s and Pan Cam and they had absolutely no obligation (or even expectation) to do so.

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I’ll have to check for updates.
As far as no obligation, you’re right but it does foster future purchases so it is in their best interest to show long term support.


Where are you seeing they actually released the new rtsp firmware. When I go to the download page, at least the old one. The page is not updated. Still says right above it will not work with newer wyze v2 model hardware.

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Technically it is still in testing stage. It passed our internal testing while we are waiting for external testing result. If we don’t hear any major issues we will push them to the RTSP website.


Thanks for the communication. Hopefully soon.

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I’m also eagerly awaiting the RTSP firmware for v3. Willing to help test if needed, Thanks Wyze team!


Mine seems to be working well on the livestream was there a new update or something for it I just hooked up mine today January 11th

I have a wyze cam v2 set up in an enclosure on the front of my house using RTSP as the feed for motion running on a local server, which exports a v4l2 stream that is used by other webcam software that eventually updates images on my personal website. I purchased a v3 when it became available for pre-order to evaluate using it for similar purposes. There were comments that the RTSP firmware was being worked on for the v3 when I placed my order, and I really hoped that it would have been ready when the camera arrived. The v2 is still working, but the v3 is currently still useless for my purposes. I need access to the video stream on my workstation/server, not limited to an app on my smart phone. Is there any update on work being done on the RTSP firmware for the v3?

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Not that I’ve heard of but it is expected before very long. If you really wanted you could in the meantime use TinyCam to replicate the stream into RTSP but it’s probably a lot better to just wait.

Did tinyCam add the ability to stream in RTSP? Last time I checked, they streamed the video in http and can be viewed with regular web browsers.

Basically, yes. They have an Axis compatible API. I have posted a couple of times about redirecting Wyze credentialed streams to RTSP clients via TinyCam Pro and its web server. (I won’t swear whether it is technically RTSP.)

Could somebody tell me more about tinycam I’ve tried to use it in the past and I never have any luck it always seems to be buffering however I just got a new LG G8 thin Q phone maybe it would be better now is there a secret to get to work better

@WyzeTao Will the RTSP PR’s be merged into the master branch or will we be stuck on a separate branch again?