New RTSP Binaries for Beta Testing

Hi All,

We have a new version of RTSP firmware for testing! To make sure we capture all issues, please only use this forum thread to report RTSP issues.


RTST installation/setup instructions:

Change list:

  • Added RTSP functionality based on 4.X.6.199 firmware
  • Applied security update since previous version of RTSP firmware

This is a one-time effort from Wyze to support RTSP functionality on Wyze Cam v2 and Pan. We are not committing to ongoing maintenance for RTSP firmware. New features will not be updated on the firmware.

Enjoy the new binaries!

Your Wyze Team


This is really cool. You already told everyone not to expect any maintenance on this firmware a long time ago, so there was no obligation to even do this update. That is very awesome of you Wyze.

I am assuming this happened mostly because you are working on the RTSP firmware for the V3, and since much of the subroutines are compatible for both devices, you simply added some of the updates to this one too since it wouldn’t be much extra work for what you already did. Still, even if that is the case, it is very awesome that you did it! Thanks guys.


What he said! Thanks for doing this. Points of clarification;

  1. Does this work on ALL iterations of the V2 hardware and solve the problem people have had with incompatibility with certain V2s?

Edit: this one seems like a yes

  1. Is it correct that there are no feature enhancements since the last RTSP firmware? Or is it that this version DOES have more features than the last RTSP version because it is based, as you say, on 4 x.6.199 ?
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Yes, the new binary will work for both hardware versions of Wyze Cam v2.

Functional wise, the new binary is ‘on-par’ with 4.X.6.199 firmware which has more changes comparing to the previous RTSP. It is a treat :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Very cool, thanks again @WyzeTao. It really is a bit of a holiday gift to people interested in extending the cameras.

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Thank you, i will have to try this out soon. This would go well in hand with a wyze viewing softare for windows. :ok_hand:

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Thanks very much for all you guys do! So far the rtsp firmware is working great on my v2 cam. Keep up the great work y’all!


Is there documentation of what enhancements this firmware has over the previous version? Can one easily revert if there is an issue? I’d like more information on the update before installing it.

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If you want to check for functionality, please check the release note for 4.X.6.199 at The new RTSP release is based on 4.X.6.199. You can always flash the firmware back to a regular version.

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So, what improvements were made to RTSP? Nothing in the release notes mentions anything about that. More concerned about the RTSP changes since I have way too many issues with the Wyze application and viewing the stored 12 second clips…makes the app unusable.

Does this mean that RTSP will now be able to use person detection?! That is awesome if true.

when i try to use the new firmware it doesnt work. while im pressing the setup button it keeps saying ready to connect and the lights is either yellow or flashing yellow. am i supposed to hold the button for more than a min?

I had the same issue when flashing one of my (four) cams last weekend. Admittedly this was using the previous version (demo_V2_RTSP_4.28.4.41), but the only way I figured out to solve it was to use a different SD card. Not sure what was wrong with the one that was in there before.

Also, once you flash it, you don’t need to keep the same SD card with the firmware in there, although even after putting back in the original card, I haven’t been able to get continuous recording to work again. May just need to retire that particular SD card (it’s been in use for ~1 year).

Just to make sure, you are powering off the camera, holding the reset button in and powering the camera back on, right?

Yes. I’m formatting my cart to fat32 to see if that works.

Fat32 is required for it to work.

Yea I figured that was the issue. Do you know iff there is a way to format a 64gb card to fat32? Doing it through the cmd didn’t work.

Is it possible to do an OTA update (over WiFi) for a camera that already has a previous version of the rtsp firmware? I have some cameras placed in difficult to access areas so it is impractical to reinstall using the sd-card method.

This would be a great feature to consider enabling. Thanks!


This program will do it

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