Wyze Cam Pan v2 Firmware Beta Test 10/4/2021



  • Fixed an issue that caused the device to reboot

Installed without issues. Will monitor to see if there are issues.

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I will definitely be installing this when it shows up for me. Cameras exhibiting this issue

I went to Firmware update and it was there. But I did have to select Cam Pan v2 in tbe Beta FW list under about / Beta Program

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Good call!!

I forgot to do that and firmware showed up right away.

Installed without any issues

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Updated and working fine so far.

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Installed update and hasn’t rebooted in over an hour, previously every ~23 minutes. Thanks!


Lines across feed - live-stream, event recordings and playback with this firmware version.


We used to have the Pan, sitting in the same spot as the Pan 2 is currently. We had no issues with Pan, but we have issues with Pan 2 using the 10/4 firmware.

I was wondering if there is RSTP firmware for the cam pan V2 yet? Or any planned development for it

There is none for the Cam Pan v2 yet. I do believe they are planning on it although I cannot point you to any official word. It takes awhile before the RTSP will show up, they first try to get the production firmware to a relatively good point then they will work on the RTSP version. If I am not mistaken it took just under a year for the v3 to receive RTSP

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