New beta for v3 - announced on fb on 05/04/21


Chao Zhang

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Hi everyone, this is Chao from Wyze, the PM of cam v3. We have released firmware for beta testing with a lot of new features. We are about to launch it to the public tomorrow. I just want to ask one more time here to see if there are any critical issues you would like to let us know. Please reply below. I will be checking it throughout the day. Thanks!


Why don’t they announce it here?

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This is not a new beta. was released about a week and a half ago and that was announced here on the forum in the beta. This was just a last check for any updates.
However with that said, the request should be in the forum thread that announced the beta version. Many of us don’t use facecrap.


AI event push notifications never work. App does recognizes the AI events and tags them, but does not send notifications. I have iPhone not sure if it’s happening for Android as well. If folks are not getting notifications how are we suppose to protect our property. Any intruder who’s a little smart and recognizes that it’s a WYZE camera knows 99% of the people don’t get notifications, does his job and leaves.


Does it give rtsp?


Not sure what that means

No, RTSP is a seperate Firmware. Not part of the standard setup. Last I heard, Wyze was working on RTSP for the V3 camera’s. I personally don’t use RTSP, so not sure of where it is.

RTSP is short for Real Time Streaming Protocol. That is a standard protocol that MANY video sources and video receiving devices or software can support. Native Wyze firmware does not support RTSP, but Wyze has released RTSP firmware for the V2 and Pan cameras. I have RTSP in 16 of my 18 V2 cameras and both Pan cameras. I am anxiously awating RTSP firmware for the V3 cameras. All of my RTSP capable cameras are streaming to Blue Iris software running on my Windows file server, and at this time, I am watching 16 Wyze cameras via the web interface in Blue Iris.


Thanks for the explanation. There are so many post from people that they are not receiving AI events notifications or if they are they are delayed by few hours. If this happens to someone, some intruder breaks into the house and WYZE did not notified, this company will get sued and an easy win for that person.

I refuse to use Facebook…

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I used to see a delay with Android 5 minutes or longer - could be an hour. This delay only occurred when the phone was not on a charger and has not been touched for a period of time. This essentially put the phone in Doze mode which is where the problem was. This was not the case with iPhones. There was a command you could run on the phone to turn off Doze mode which had to be run everytime you restarted the phone. Took less than a minute or so, but had to be done.

However, I have found that this no longer needs to be done, I believe Wyze has corrected the issue. Now I get my notifications within 5 to 7 seconds on an iPhone and 7 to 10 seconds on and Android phone. On occasions, I have seen delays on the Android device around 30 seconds, but that is not the norm. I posted some pics on the difference in Notifications between iPhone and Android here:

To ensure you get quicker notifications, make sure you turn off he Battery Optimizations for the Wyze App and allow it to run in the background.

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I am having an issue with many of the camera clips failing to load from the cloud to view. (camera’s V2 as well as V3’s. I can’t find in the help section of your WYZE app a way to contact you with a support request. When it fails to open a “cloud clip” it will fail on several in a row. It also only takes about a couple of seconds to decide it won’t load the clip and prints an error message instead.


Same issue here.

In sorry you are having this issue. Support can be reached at:
Wyze Support
Live support is available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

It would be nice if the motion detection could be tweaked to ignore downward moving objects, such as rain and drips. My V3 is mounted outside, with a cover designed to keep the elements off of it. Drips off the edge will trigger the movement alert.

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so it’s not clear yet how th RTSP implementation will be done for V3. Hope remains (for me at least) that it could be integrated in the main firmware,


It means you need RTSP to use the wise camera with blue iris software or other monitoring software

That would be nice, but Wyze has again said that like the V2 RTSP firmware, it will be a separate flash.

Where :sob:?

There is a fairly recent thread here on the forum that involves an AMA with one of the Wyze founders. Read that thread - it’s in there.

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