Wyze Cams monitored thru Blue Iris Software?

Has anyone used the Blue Iris Software to monitor their Wyze cams? I just received the latest version Wyze cam, and would like to add it to my other security cams on Blue Iris…

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Yes, many people have, using the RTSP “experimental” firmware that was recently updated in beta. Check the forum. There is also 3rd party RTSP firmware for them (Dafang).

FYI TinyCam (Android) can address them both via RTSP and natively with Wyze credentials.

Thanks… wasn’t sure if installing different firmware would mess up camera… I’ll give the beta software a shot!

Appreciate it!

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One caution, you didn’t mention a model. Right now neither the new V3 nor the Wyze Cam Outdoor models supports RTSP. Good luck.

thanks for that info… I just received a V3… so the beta doesn’t apply to that model?

Appreciate that info… !

Correct (as far as I know). But they have indicated they will deliver a version for the V3. I would guess it will show up in the next month or two.

Yes, I run Blue Iris from time to time with my Wyze cameras - that have the RTSP firmware. It works.

Can you elaborate on how you set up your V3 camera in Blue Iris? Where do I find username/password?

No RTSP for V3s yet.

Only my V2 cameras have RTSP and and can be used with Blue Iris.

Okay, I now have 2 V2 cameras. Can you tell me how to set them up for Blue Iris and where to get the RTSP Beta?

Thank you for the link. I have already read that (maybe I missed something) but it had no information as to where to get the beta binary.
Edit: Oops my bad. Apparently my colors for links don’t show up well. The link is in the post. Thanks for you patience.