Wyze cam v4 RTSP functionality

I have purchased a number of wyze cams over the last couple of years, especially for the added functionality of using RTSP. I have also purchased 2 x wyze cam v4’s. expecting rtsp functionality would also be available. Unfortunately this is not the case.
When will rtsp be available for the wyze cam v4?

RTSP is not profitable to Wyze, so don’t ever expect RTSP on any new cameras going forward.

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To get RTSP on most Wyze cams you have to use a 3rd party workaround such as Scrypted, Docker Wyze Bridge or Tiny Cam Pro in server mode. Those will convert the regular stream to RTSP for you and you can then use the RTSP URL they give you that way.

If Wyze ever does RTSP I suspect they will only do it for new cams, and not for already existing cams (some of which don’t have adequate resources to be able to support the main features and add RTSP separately…which is why in the past they started to do a totally separate firmware branch for RTSP on some of them which couldn’t support both at the same time).

There are currently no plans to add RTSP to the Wyze Cam v4.

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I am so disappointed that Wyze dripped RTSP support. I just switched to TP-Link Tapo cameras because they are just as affordable as WYZE, and they support RTSP. I can now view my cameras with BlueIris. Here is a useful link for how to do it: Using Tapo RTSP with Blueiris

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