Will the new V3 Pro camera feature RTSP? Or support RTSP firmware like the V3 does?

Im considering buying the new V3 Pro camera, but I need to know if it supports RTSP. Does anyone know if it does or can a member of staff from Wyze confirm if it supports RTSP please?


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It does not currently support RTSP.


will it ever support rtsp? what is your source please?

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My source is they have not announced it, so it is not currently available. :wink:

I do not know their future plans, they have not announced those either.

So, likely a wait.

You can submit a Wishlist request here:


Can confirm, i bought one and it doesnt support rstp. Wyze V3 RTSP firmware doesnt work for it either (no surprise).

Don’t hold your breath. I bought a bunch of v3 cams when they were first released because Wyze said they would offer RTSP “soon.” (They already provided it for the v2 cams.) After a year of waiting they finally released a beta version. A year after that they pulled the firmware off their site and said it was no longer available. I was never able to get RTSP to work correctly. From all appearances, they want people to pay every month for their cloud service and have no intention to provide RTSP for those of us who can’t or won’t trust our video to the cloud.

I really like their cameras. Video quality is great, especially in low light. WiFi is a bit of a problem sometimes—it would be amazing if they offered a POE version. And RTSP is a requirement for some people with bandwidth issues or privacy concerns.

Hey Wyze, why not create a POE to USB dongle that powers the cam and provides an optional wired connection (with RTSP). Be like Apple and sell the dongle at a huge markup. I’d pay for that, and many other people, too.

Take a look here: