V3 Cam & RTSP

After reading some threads here, we think they didn’t build the v3 camera to allow a single build that includes RTSP? Seriously??

I use RTSP to record all my v2 cameras in my Motorhome to a local BlueIris box. I will wait to see if they do it correctly before I order more cameras. I wanted to upgrade my 4 cameras to v3, but if I have to manually update them with a different fork, that’s not something I will spend money on. RTSP needs to be in the main build so we get the security updates when the other builds get them and be up-gradable via the app. I was also thinking about replacing my homes interior cameras with Wyze cams, but everything I have in the S&B is recorded to another Blueiris server 24x7, and its all kept for a little over a month (disk space limitations currently prevent any longer archive) I only have a few inside the house cameras that I point at the walls when we aren’t traveling and I was thinking of replacing them with Wyze cams and adding a few more, but without RTSP built in has me rethinking that idea. I like their form factor, but I probably won’t invest in any more till that’s handled. -Bill


This is my opinion. Take it for whatever it’s worth.

Wyze is absolutely bound and determined to believe that despite constant requests no one REALLY wants to use anything except a phone - FOR ANYTHING. This is extremely typical for kids that grew up using phones - I see it in my own kids (ages 27 and almost 29).

I completely agree that there needs to be a PC (and MAC I guess) application for directly watching the Wyze camera, and that RTSP should be built in. I have RTSP on all of my V2 cameras except for two at a mountaintop radio site that I have not been to in order to install it, and will happily install RTSP on my V3 cameras when that firmware is available.


I also like using the phone to view the cameras, but I also like the capability to record all the video a bit more. I too have a 29 yo son and he loves phones too. I gave him a wyze cam a long time back, I will have to ask him if he uses it. -Bill

I think buried in the discussions somewhere is a statement that it will NOT be in the main build. (@carverofchoice would probably know as he painstakingly summarized their ask-me seminar.) I agree it should be.

Even now you could still use TinyCam Pro as a DVR for the V3s but it’s not Blue Iris.

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@Customer is correct. They said in the AMA webinar that they will most likely make RTSP a separate firmware for the V3 like they did with the V2.

There have been indications that they’ve been working it too… Such as the recent update to the V2 firmware adding new features(subroutines that were presumably created for the V3 RTSP firmware, but were also able to copied to the V2 firmware since it wasn’t hardware specific. Wyze had said never to expect V2 RTSP updates again, then randomly have new feature updates years later. This strongly indicates they’re working on the V3 and that much of it is compatible with V2 subroutines already in place. I think this very much indicates they are going with a separate firmware branch as they said in the AMA was likely.

Still, they didn’t rule out adding it to the main firmware, they just said it would probably be separate. I think this is because memory is limited and RTSP takes up a lot of the space and they have other projects they want to consider instead (including the possibility of edge-based solutions they said they were looking into, which also takes a ton of programming space).

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I would be OK with paying for an upgrade to RTSP. If CamPLUS is $15/yr, give me a discounted version to use the local or cloud hosting data service of my choice. Obviously, this would likely cut out the AI detections, or maybe it wouldn’t. Or, make it a one time upgrade cost.

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I will buy a TON of V3’s once RTSP is available. My situation requires i use Blue Iris for my camera installations. For most camera tasks a V3 would be PERFECT instead of a $100 “other” camera if the V3 had RTSP. I would not mind at all paying the equivalent of Camera Plus per camera for a firmware version that worked on the V3 like it does on the V2. What the hell is keeping you from doing something like this - don’t you want to increase sales?
STILL waiting for you to keep your promise to add RTSP to the V3 - that promise is getting quite old.


So, I take it no one has heard of an ETA for RTSP on V3. I bought 6 in November (received in December) hoping that RTSP would be available a month or two afterwards. Anybody heard anything?

No ETA, but I read things on here that they are indeed “actively” working on it. I don’t know that it’s a HIGH PRIORITY over some other things necessarily, but they have been working on it.

When it was first launched they said it MIGHT be a separate firmware again, though integrated wasn’t ruled out at launch. We got some confirmation fairly recently that they indeed are going to use a separate firmware for it.

Also, we got some V2 RTSP updates with new features/subroutines added in, after Wyze previously said to never expect any updates to that firmware. This indicates that they indeed have been working on the V3 RTSP firmware and that many of the same subroutines/functions were compatible with the V2 firmware, so since they already had the code written out, it didn’t take much to just copy it over to the old V2 firmware. This is a great sign.

Wyze doesn’t often give estimates or timeframes on things…I can guess that this is partially because nearly every time they have ever done that, people start to freak out and criticize them and hold it against them as if it was a guaranteed promise and then go crazy over it. Much better to just say it is something they’re considering, working on, or have intentions for, but keep expectations fairly general.

Still, like I said, we do get some crumbs sometimes, such as confirmation that the separate firmware stuff appears to be a reality, and some recent updates to the V2 RTSP firmware showing they are actively working on RTSP. How much longer is anyone’s guess, but I would speculate they will do it sometime this year…afterall, much of the same stuff from the V2 firmware can just be copied. They just need to make a few modifications for the new hardware component differences, then test the crap out of everything in different situations.

Well with so few units being sold and supported due to chip shortages, you’d think there would be more spare time to work on it. :wink:

Yeah, though if I were them, I’d probably hold back from releasing it until they had a reliable supply coming in.

Even if the firmware is totally ready right now they should wait until the silicon supply is resolved first, then when they have a high supply they can announce the RTSP firmware as live, and be able to capitalize on the massive purchasing demand while people are excited about it.

If they released the RTSP firmware now and there aren’t enough for everyone to buy new cams, they’ll lose out on a lot of business. The excitement will calm down a little, and some of the people who would’ve bought will get over their emotions and either not buy or not buy as many. There’s also the increased amount of angry customers that would ensue…people who want RTSP are unlikely to want CamPlus, so if they try to buy cams for RTSP and get told they have to buy CamPlus to get one, they’ll get even more upset.

No, launching RTSP now would be an insanely terrible business decision that would cost them a lot of money that they will otherwise bring in if they wait until their supply is bigger and they can allow people to purchase cams without the subscription.

So yea, I agree with you that they should have more time to work on it, but even if they do, from a business perspective they should keep it on the DL when it is “complete” and should absolutely not release it until their supply is large enough to support the excitement from it. Having owned multiple businesses, that’s what I would do if I had a stake in Wyze and was looking at what the SMART business move is here…and they do have to answer to their investors to some degree now, and be able to show future investors that they make smart business moves and look for ways to capitalize on such things. I’d be a concerned investor if they squandered away otherwise significantly increased profits during a time they can’t support that generated excitement. Though I suppose one work around is to do the whole pre-order/back-order thing again. Release the firmware and open up the V3 for back-orders and just tell people it will be a long time before their V3 orders come in (like they did with the VDB taking many, many months).

(I’m just speaking from a BUSINESS perspective…from a PERSONAL perspective I recommend and hope they release it ASAP…)

I was having terrible issues trying to use a v2 with rtsp load as a camera in a blue iris v5 system. It worked fine at my house with google wifi but was unusable at a site using tp-link m5 deco. After much flailing around I found that updating the deco firmware and loading the v2 x.x.x.49 rtsp firmware a
All the problems went away. With that configuration the v2 is usable with blue iris. I am looking forward to rtsp being available on the v3

Perhaps Wyze could charge for using the RTSP service like they do form Cam Plus… I would pay for the feature and maybe with some funding they could support it better…