Do the new cameras support RTSP? Or are they preventing me from upgrading my cameras?

Please tell me they finally figured this out so they can sell a bazillion more cameras… These things are great for placing all around the house when we travel in the motorhome for months at a time, but they must be recorded 24x7 in my BlueIris setup. If they were smart or truly thinking, they would make a cam plus subscription mandatory for it to work… Last time I tested cam+ is was still part of the Not Ready for PrimeTime players group. -Bill

Can you clarify on Cam Plus not ready for PrimeTime?

Cam Plus has been out for sometime now and many individuals have subscribed to it, this is why I am confused.

Here is a snipet from an AMA less than a month ago where Dongsheng commented on RTSP.

Do check out the rest of the AMA questions and answers for a lot of other good information.


So to be more clear, while CamPlus is required for Web View, it was never needed for RTSP, and in any case Wyze completely discontinued and hid all RTSP builds for all cameras and has no intention of making the feature available again ever.

People have used one or more independent hacks to convert to RTSP streams though.


Can you please let me know where can we find the hacks @Customer

These are the main two I’m aware of. I’ve used neither but they are discussed throughout the forum.

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Thank you @Customer

where is RTSP so I can use the camera

I’m not sure what camera you are referencing, but no Wyze cams currently support RTSP. The v3 (and I believe v2) used to have an RTSP firmware, but it is no longer supported.

There are many open source projects such as Wyze docker bridge you could check out.

Per another thread the @mxr662 is referring to the OG.

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I understand its NOT required, but we want it supported on the camera out of the box they should just required a Cam+ subscription, or maybe a Cam-, a little cheaper for RTSP as you wouldn’t be using their bandwidth or disk-space. If they could make a profit from RTSP then maybe they would finally use their resources to do it right and implement it into their standard firmware. This hit or miss firmware kludge is not something they want to maintain as it does not add of their profitability. All businesses need to make a profit to keep supporting their products. -Bill

It is actually V2, V3 and the doorbell for me. Just randomly posted in the OG forum. I feel one of the reasons that Wyze removed RTSP to force users to the app. The business model does not work unless they can have reoccurring revenue. App = marketing and data collection. No RTSP = cam+ subscriptions.

If people start canceling subscriptions maybe they will listen.

I kinda believe they stopped it just because it was little used and there was a security issue they didn’t feel like patching twice.

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I have to respectfully disagree. There are so many people demanding it, Look how many views likes and votes the RTSP discussion has on the WYZE forums.