Two Birds with One Stone (RTSP, WyzeCamV3, and CamPlus)

This was an “In the Shower Thoughts” moment. (Not sure if it has been brought up before)

  1. Finish the Official Development of a Firmware for WyzeCamV3 That Features RTSP
  2. Include RTSP as CamPlus Only Feature
  3. Profit!

Will people find workarounds or hacks to make it work without paying. Sure. Who cares. The masses that want RTSP will just pay for CamPlus.

Thoughts and Feedback Please?

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I won’t buy V3 cameras until RTSP is available for them. I won’t buy them at all if CamPlus is required to get RTSP.

One of the big reasons people want RTSP is to keep the videos local and not pay subscription fees.

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It’s been suggested before in the big threads. It’s not a terrible idea (at least it would have support). But it’s not a good one either.

Doesn’t RTSP defeat the point of CamPlus? It’s either/or, isn’t it?

No. The Wyze RTSP implementation retains cloud connectivity from what I understand.

For a technology standpoint RTSP and CamPlus is certainly possible, but from an end user perspective, they are largely mutually exclusive. Why pay for Cam Plus if you have RTSP? And there is no way I’m going to pretty much pay the price of the camera every year in order to have cloud storage that I don’t want.


For backup, for cloud "AI"person detection features, and for being able to use the Wyze app for control and routines and grouping and remote viewing etc. As hosted “cloud” plans go Wyze’s is pretty cheap. Just because someone is choosing RTSP for local viewing doesn’t mean all their other needs are met by their local system. (I use neither CamPlus nor RTSP.)

The Wyze app works the same with RTSP cameras as it does for default Wyze cams. Grouping, routines, etc…
If you use third party apps, ie: tinyCam, you can have cloud backup to Gdrive or OneDrive, also Person, Pet and Vehicle detection.
I’m not saying there is no use for CamPlus at all just that I have no use for it.

Yep. I use TinyCam. I haven’t found its person detection to be all that great and I haven’t yet configured any hosted services for it. But it’s still great software. It’s nice using it as a DVR and having both it and Wyze recording events (or continuously recording).

When I "graduate* to wired cameras I wonder if I’ll keep using TinyCam or set up a real server.

I find the Person Detection works as well as the Wyze version. Wyze still think my Chocolate Lab is a person. She seems to think she’s a cat. Laying in the sun beam.

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