Wyze Cam V3 RTSP Support

Hello Wyze Cam Support,

I just bought 2 Wyze Cams and am trying to utilize open CV for some ML training and I noticed in advanced settings RTSP doesn’t show up, do I need to download the firmware bin file first before the setting shows up?

Welcome to the community @john.rumrill , I am a community volunteer and don’t work for Wyze.

This is a community member forum, to contact support, you can go here and chat or get the phone number at the bottom of the page: Wyze Support

However, these cameras require you to utilize the Wyze app or Wyze Live View if you have Cam Plus. RTSP is not an option.

You could utilize something like Tiny Cam to connect to the Cameras but natively RTSP is not available.

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There’s only the old firmware for RTSP that Wyze abandoned and is old enough now that you probably shouldn’t use it. That’s how it actually is.

There’s unofficial things for RTSP that I wouldn’t recommend.

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Got it thank you. Yeah my sole purpose for Wyze is RTSP for python coding

It does still work and yes you do have to download it first for it to show up only thing is you cant update the firmware as i have it on mine and was wondering if i go back to the orignal firmware and do the updates can i redo it back to rtsp

You can flash whatever firmware you want including older ones. So you can go from the latest official to the old abandoned RTSP firmware. However, the old firmware with time will likely develop issues and potential security problems so its not recommended.

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