Android Delayed notification compared to iOS

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There has been a lot of discussion about notification issues with Android. I decided to video the Notifications in comparison to iOS and also provided the logs to Wyze. I am hoping that this will help in the trouble shooting and correction.

Video - 7 second delay (iPhone on right) I started the recording the moment the Notification came in.

I also have a video of a 33 second delay. Then I unlocked the phone and tried again which yielded the same notification time. Therefore, it is evident that there is still an issue (not as bad) after running the ADB Command.

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I am curious, is this just for AI notifications? If you take cam plus off and just do normal motion or sound notifications without ai/cam plus, is the same delay there?

Also, is the delay also with other non-cam notifications, like contact sensors, or the RoboVac notifications (cleaning finished/paused, etc)? I don’t have iOS at all, so I can’t test myself.

Good questions as usual. :slight_smile:

FIrst, the sensors contact and motion seem to have no issues at all. Even when I don’t run the adb command. The are as close to instantaneous as you can get.

Second: I will remove my Doorbell from CamPlus and see how it does. Will update after my test. BTW: I don’t do the sound notifications, Just motion

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Ok – did the test with the Front Doorbell removed from CamPlus. Similar results, although without CamPlus it is faster, it is still delayed compared to the iPhone. On average this is what I am experiencing:

Remember - these are average times based on my collection of data.

10+ seconds delay compared to the iPhone. Funny, when I turned CamPlus back on, I was notified with a 15 second delay.

3 to 5 second delay compared to the iPhone.

Notification is the same as the iPhone.

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Very interesting information. One would expect that if the delay is ANDROID’s fault inherently, that there would be an equal delay with contact/motion sensors. Since there is no delay with those sensors, it is indicative that the fault lies with the Wyze coding in their Android app itself.

Somehow, Wyze is treating notifications sent from the AI differently than notifications sent from other sources, and the processing of the procedure to push a notification is delayed somehow when it comes from the AI server to Android instead of normal routes (sensor pushes). Part of this delay appears to be device specific (ALL camera notifications are delayed 3-5 seconds, and if you use the AI, then the delay increases an extra 5-10 seconds, for a 10-15second total delay). Definitely on the Wyze side, not Android/Google, otherwise the sensor pushes would also be delayed 3-5 extra seconds compared to iPhone.

Can you explain what you mean here:

Are you saying that if you leave the phone unlocked that there is no AI or camera notification delay/difference as compared to the iPhone, and that the delay is only there when both are locked (except that motion sensors have no delay/difference from iOS regardless?)?

I agree, this is why I find all of this interesting. I did submit information and indicated that the sensors are not delayed and the method for which notifications are sent should be followed with the Camera’s as well. But so far nothing. I also understand that the sensors are a little different in that there is no interrogation needing to be done - simply notify if triggered.

I did turn CamPlus back on with All Motion, People, and Package. I received 2 more notifications, one was 25 seconds after the iPhone and the other was 10. But as indicated in the previous post, my times are average. I just received one at the same time as the iPhone. Does not make sense. :slight_smile:

To answer your questions: When the Android Phone is unlocked (iPhone can be locked or not), the Android receives notifications the same time the iPhone does. No real difference between the two. This is the same regardless if CamPlus AI is on or off. Of course, there is a delay to both when AI is turned on as it needs to process the video feed. I have figured out that if it says LIVE on the event page, the notifications are longer and at times waits until the video has completed and LIVE is gone. As for the sensors, the notification is the same on both phones regardless if they are locked or not.

I have run the ADB Command as well. So my Android delay is a matter of seconds. When I don’t run the ADB command, I can see delays in excess of 10 minutes.

Make sense?

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@carverofchoice, I peruse the hubitat forums as well since I used Hubitat before. Individuals were also having delayed notifications, there developers have corrected the issue, so it is possible.

Here is an image of what they said:

Here is the link: [Fixed] Problem: Notifications extremly delayed (after update?) - #54 by Jost - Android App - Hubitat

In the past, I sent to Wyze some information on setting priorities for notifications related to Android Devices. Hopefully they can get this fixed.

Here is the Android developers guide. Display time-sensitive notifications  |  Android Developers. I set it to the actual page for setting high priority. Sent to Wyze sometime ago. Hopefully they will get this.


The Wyze employees who have previously commented on or helped with notification solutions in the last couple of years are the following great guys: @CaptainMark @WyzeTao @WyzeDongsheng @XuLi @WyzeMike

Please guys, take a moment to read this thread that @spamoni4 has shared for you here to reduce the Android notification delays. I tagged you here in the hopes this information would be valuable to understanding why your notifications are so much slower on Android (and they don’t have to be). I know you made awesome progress with this is November, but I believe it can be improved even more as evidenced by things earlier in the thread, and the fact that other companies resolved similar issues.
Thanks for all your hard work.


I think wyze should take a look at this. This is strange though because I thought they fixed notifications this week on android because my notifications now come without me having to unlock my phone, before I always had to unlock my phone for them to come but they seem to have done something maybe to fix that. On a Samsung phone. (S10)



Wyze Team, if you would like me to provide anything additional or try something please don’t hesitate to ask. As you can see, I have both and iPhone and Android Phone and willing to test what is needed.

I also have the 30+ second difference video if you would like to see it, probably wont offer much more than the 7 second video, but I can show it if you want.

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@davidnestico2001, Interesting, do you think Samsung did something?

The last I saw, Wyze added the background refresh which did not fully fix the issue. Wyze has made great strides in correcting the notification speed. Things have gotten a lot better because of the work.

I will reboot my Android phone to nullify the ADB command and see how the notifications come in when the phone is a sleep and off charger. I will post my results later today as I would need to run it over a period of time to see.

Thanks for the info/comments. Hopefully, the Doze Mode issue is resolved and only the notifications are delayed in comparison to the iPhone. As I said previously, I do have a video where the Android was 30+ seconds later in notifying in comparison to the iPhone.

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android notifications are definitely faster now. I rebooted both my Pixel 4a5g & my work Samsung (both had the adb cmd) then tested. Notifications are not immediate but within 30 secs on my Pixel, this was testing on 4 cams all with cam+. The Samsung was even better, notification came same time as when adb cmd was being used, ~10 secs on cam+ doorbell.

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I was going to email when I got home. I restarted the phone and did not run the ADB and the alerts still came. So no need for ADB. :).

But there is a delay on the notification compared to iOS.

@davidnestico2001, @carverofchoice, @Ken.S, @R.Good

As indicated by others in this forum topic the notification seem to come through when the Android Phone is locked and not on a charger. :slight_smile:

I restarted my phone and verified that Doze mode was still enabled. I then began using it as I would and the Notifications are coming in, even after 15 minutes of no activity. I unlocked the phone and there were no Wyze notifications waiting to be sent as it did indeed work. Kudo’s to Wyze for this - must have been corrected on the backend.

What was funny, to me, is that once I unlocked the phone I did get a few emails which were delayed. I am using the GMAIL app. Maybe Wyze can help Google fix their issue.

Now that this has been corrected, I did a comparison against my iPhone again. The Notifications are 7+ seconds slower, on average I get Notifications on the Android phone about 10 seconds after the iOS. At times I also get them 30+ seconds after iOS, I have a video of this. I am willing to test with the Wyze Developers if they would like.

But again, the Doze Issue seems to not be a problem, at this time.

Can any of you confirm that as well?

BTW: Thanks for the nudge to retest the notification without the ADB command. I probably would have continued running it without a second thought. Appreciate the info.

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I also noticed that I get Person Detection faster on my V2 than I do on the other devices. Have you all experienced this as well?

Np! I’m glad these seem to have fixed part of the issue, now they need to work on notification speed, I have notifications off for my v2 but not my doorbell and v3 and they are fast but would be nice if the doorbell was improved, notifications need to be faster. Also someone said that they get notifications faster after buying the HMS thinking wyze is doing person detection locally through the hub, I don’t know or think this is actually true but would be nice to see wyze confirm or deny this.

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Interesting. I ordered HMS primarily for the new Hub. I will confirm that when it comes in. However, not sure how if the Camera’s and Doorbell don’t go through it.

I did some testing and found that it takes about 10 to 17 seconds to get a notification on the Doorbell or V3 from when the motion started. The V2 reports a person in the garage in < 10 seconds - on average 3 to 5 seconds. I remember an update to the V2 Camera where they indicated that they were testing and trying to speed up the notifications.

I agree though, now they need to speedup the notification piece especially for the doorbell. Can I ask a question: When someone presses the doorbell, the indoor chime and the doorbell rings (which is good), the notification that it provides on a doorbell press is also delayed. are you experiencing that as well? Asking, because it would seem to me that it should send it to your phone faster as no AI needs to be done on a doorbell press.

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So far no i am not experiencing a delay when the button is pushed, but sometimes it just doesn’t send that notification at all but luckily the chime always rings. I read in a different thread that developers can increase importance level of notifications making them faster and thats what another company did, wyze really needs to check this out. Luckily someone @'ed a bunch of wyze employees there so I hope devs see it because notifications are what people are most concerned about when it comes to security.

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Yea, that was in this topic, I provided the information sometime ago and this yesterday. I had hubitat and peruse their forums at times to see what is going on. They had the issue and their developers corrected it. I think that Wyze can implement the same thing. I also provided some developer documentation in hopes they will review and hopefully correct it. I am a developer and have written mobile apps as well.

You are correct, the Chime does ring which is great. Just wish it would notify my phone when the doorbell is pressed more consistently.

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