Doorbell notifications slow

I just installed the doorbell. I am receiving notifications about 3-5 minutes after the camera shows movement. I have contacted support with no help. My bell is blue, I’ve updated the firmware, I’ve reset everything a ton of times. I’m frustrated

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Hopefully this will be fixed with updates down the road.

I was just watching a Youtube review of the doorbell, and in their tests they found that having Cam Plus enabled for the doorbell made their notifications take 20 seconds to hit, vs only 5 seconds WITHOUT Cam Plus. So if you’re seeing huge delays, that would be the first question - if you have a Cam Plus subscription enabled for that doorbell. I myself have also noticed, with my Cam Plus on my doorbell, that it does take around 20 seconds to get the notification, which is pretty sluggish and annoying enough already.

And secondly, if you do have Cam Plus, it’s clearly having difficulty getting your data to their servers and back in order to give you the Cam Plus smart notification. Basically, maybe a speed/quality of your doorbell’s wifi connection.

It’s probably a wifi connection thing either way though.


Are you using Android or iOS? Asking because there is a known issue with Android Devices and delayed notifications. This is an issue with Android and other apps are also having a hard time getting timely notifications. If you have an Android Device, you can test this by simply pluging in your power and then seeing how long it takes to trigger. The issue, with Android, has to do with the Doze Mode. I personally run an ADB command to disable this and now get notifications as quick as an iPhone. This issue only occurs when the phone is off of a charger and a sleep, or not being used for a short period of time, about 3 to 5 minutes.

I believe Wyze is working on some fix for this, but have not received any confirmation as of yet.

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Former Ring Door bell user and switched to Wyze… Wyze notifications are a bit slower and VERY much hoping the speed of notifications improves.

Also, I was able to get motion detection notifications via Alexa with Ring and would like this feature with Wyze, if possible. Door bell notifications with Wyze works well

Me too, left Ring after about 3 years because Wyze seemed to provide a better alternative. Ring worked great, maybe 2 or 3 times in the whole time I had it, I was actually able to “answer the door” maybe 2 or 3 times before the person left and walked away, because Ring would open the view on my phone, but just sit there and spin, spin, spin the “Connecting” icon for a minute or two but never connect until the person at the door had long since given up and walked away. With Wyze, the cams are always super fast to connect, like within a couple of seconds. So I thought the doorbell would work the same. But the doorbell is not even sending me a notification or displaying the camera view or telling me someone’s at the door. The instructions in the Help document DO NOT WORK. because when I get to the Event Recording page and there’s supposed to be a toggle to turn on the notification or whatever, for the doorbell, there’s nothing there. Nothing for me to click to enable those doorbell notifications. I have uninstalled the app, reinstalled, tried the firmware updates, etc. and gotten nowhere. Wyze’s help and documentation is poor and incomplete. Some thing with the Thermostat. The instructions for installing it were excellent and worked very well. So yeah, I got it installed just fine, but the intstuctions for learning how to use the thermostat, set up schedules for turning the furnace and fan on, etc. are incomplete and very confusing and the user interface in the app isn’t very helpful either. I was delighted with the instructions for installing the thermostat, but then figuring out how to use it on a day to day basis has been very frustrating. I think Wyze need to slow down its release of all these new products and focus on giving its customers better service and support and documentation and help and more useful and intelligent user interface for the products we’ve invested in.

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For me the same, I get notifications after 1 minute. Even the door bell has a 2 minutes delay when using the app to select the sound.

I was expecting something better.

I have an Android tablet on 2.4 GHz WiFi and an Android cell phone on 4GLTE connection, both with the Wyze app installed. While the video on the cell phone seems to be streaming at normal speed, the video on the tablet streams a lot slower. This is based on both the clock updating and the missing frames, jerky video on the tablet.
If there was a problem with WiFi, shouldn’t the video on the cell phone also be lagging?

Well you could try the phone on WiFi and compare. Lots of Android tablets are underpowered…

This still hasn’t been fixed as of November 2022.

  • There is a 2+ min delay for Alexa to notify “someone is at the doorbell” once the bell is pressed

  • There is a 1+ min delay for the VoIP call to hit our iPhones once the bell is pressed

  • Once you answer the VoIP video call after the button is pressed, the microphone remains red and you cannot enable it. This means you can’t talk to anyone while answering the VoIP video call. We have been answering the doorbell by declining the call and opening the app and opening the doorbell, where we can then use the two way audio.

  • CamPlus appears to make the problem even worse with up to 2x the delay with CamPlus enabled

  • Support basically says to reset the doorbell and if that doesn’t work then sorry you’re SOL

Wyze employees, when can we expect actual fixes to these ongoing issues? I’m going to start a rallying cry to review bomb the product on Amazon and everywhere else you sell it if you don’t speak up regarding these issues and promise us an actual timeline for a fix. It’s getting a tad ridiculous because I’ve had this product for two years, I was a beta tester for a long time for your iOS features and without these features were basically using this a regular camera. We didn’t want a regular camera, we wanted a doorbell with all the same features as Ring THAT WORKS. When will Wyze commit to fixing these features?

Updating the firmware probably caused the issue. Welcome to the Wyze Ecosystem.

Has anyone told you, “It’s your WIFI” yet??

I’m sure “there’s a “team” working on it and it will be fixed in a future firmware update.”

I think most of us were expecting better.

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This has been my experience since i first got the doorbell in May 2021. Has never improved and now I can’t even speak to visitors.

I have this same issue. It’s very disappointing.

We had our second house theft today where our Wyze cameras failed to work again. Wyze has made several updates that seem to have reduced the reliability of their products to capture appropriate video. For me, it was discovering that they had turned on the “only capture AI detected events” feature without permission.

Enough is enough.

I have same problem with Wyze. As a retired IT and I’m deaf I use Ring for long time, and I happened to noticed that my Ring and Phillips Hue no longer function well. When someone ring the doorbell the lights flashed like hour later!!! When I first installed using IFTTT and it works beautiful until Google Assistant took over and everything changed. So I decided to switch over to Wyze Doorbell Cam. In the beginning it was not too bad, when someone pressed the door bell lights flashed few second later. Then when I update to Cam PLUS. It’s really bad. The timing between doorbell and lights are now varies. This IS NOT GOOD FOR NEST Smoke alarm. WE will be dead before the light flashed.