Trouble with Timeliness Of Doorbell Alerts

I removed my old Ring doorbell and installed my new Wyze doorbell. Everything seems to have gone well accept the time it takes me to receive an alert. When some one rings the bell it is relatively quick. It is when it detects motion that is the issue. It sometimes takes more than a minute.

Android? And do you have other wyze cams?

Yes I do. Three more. Yesterday the delay was about 20 minutes.

there’s a known android notification issue, there are several threads about it in these forums. There is a workaround but involves using a adb command to disable doze.

Well I don’t think I will be rooting my phone just to clear this up. Ring got it figured out, even if Wyze can’t. I wonder if I can return my doorbell?

root is not required to run the adb cmd…but I agree that Wyze needs to fix. Google has provided the workaround code, Wyze just needs to add it.

Google needs to implement their own code since I still have the issue with Gmail also

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Agreed, I guess Google would rather have better battery life than instant notifications on their own app :roll_eyes: