I really wanted to switch to Wyze...but the notification delays?

Hey everyone,

I really wanted to switch to Wyze, but I’m very concerned about how long it take for notifications to arrive on my phone. I understand how different device settings, OS, etc. can all impact how quickly they arrive. Most of the time I do not get notifications for my Wyze doorbell until several minutes after the event. Sometimes it can take as long as 15+ minutes. This ruins the entire experience for me. Having to use IFTTT or another service is not what I’m hoping for.

I have 3 ring stick up cameras and I get notifications immediately within seconds of the event. This is how I would expect Wyze to work. I was planning on swapping the Ring cameras for Wyze Cams, but now I’m not so sure. I have 3 months left on my trial for Ring and if notifications are not fixed for Wyze I will probably end up selling my doorbell and getting the Ring wired doorbell.

Has anyone been able to get notifications to activate quickly and consistently?

All thoughts welcome!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I consistently get notifications within a second or two after the event has recorded. As far as I know the notification is not sent until the recording is complete.


I typically get my notifications fairly quickly but I’ve had times where that isn’t always the case. I find that rebooting my cameras and sometimes my router fixes the issues. I use fiber with a gig up and down and have long range access points so connection isn’t actually the issue as live stream is not affected. I believe it just refreshes everything but might not help everyone.

I use Arlo cameras as well, they are always consistently on time with notifications but also 10x more expensive. I also hope to one day sell the Arlo and rely solely on Wyze, the monthly fees are much cheaper, but Wyze isn’t there yet.

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