Wyze versus Ring for folks with both like me

I have a complete Ring system. I originally bought Wyze cameras two or three years ago, several, and the two V1s gave me fits. I did buy a V2 and a Wyze 32 GB MIcro SD card because the rep said it was the problem. But never set the new one up. I am about to try again but it has been since Wyze first started since I’ve tried a setup.

First does the Wyze have the same delay that causes my Ring system to miss the initial motion and the cause of the motion detection. Since my one V2 has not been turned on that I remember. I am sure it will be doing lots of firmware updates.

Secondly are there firmware updates for my two V1 Wyze cams? Do they work now? Any caveats to using them?

I also had to set them up with my old email and today I had to set up a new account because there is no way to change emails. I saw your new anti theft system. I Moved from Louisiana to Colorado and could not use my old address forever. I saw none of my purchases logging on with my old email that they are letting work as a courtesy since I cut off my account and am not paying them. Will they work with a new email and address?

First does the Wyze have the same delay as Ring motion detection? will they set up?

Will V1s work?

Will my V2 Wyze setup with the new email?

Lastly where are my orders? They do not show up when I log in with my original email address.

I could use the new outdoor cam, the sensor set, and an indoor rotating Cam.

I’m not worried about the two V1s just asking.

Mainly do they have a severe delay for motion detection like Ring has.


Welcome to the Wyze community!

There’s a little delay in notifications and when the cloud video starts recording. If you have a SD card then it there’s little to no delay in video recording.

Yes, they’ll work but they won’t work with Alexa and some other features.

It should.

You’ll have to contact Wyze support for your orders history.

Thank you!

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