Delayed notifications on Wyze not Ring

Man, I love Wyze cameras but the delayed notifications is really killing me. My ring camera is instant when it detects motion, the Wyze is delayed upwards of 30-45 seconds. Is there anything I can do?

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Are these for cloud video clips? Are you a camplus subscriber? The notification for the Wyze video clips happens after the 12 second video is done recording, then gets uploaded, then the notification is sent. So about 12ish to 15 seconds is about normal. 30 seconds is a fairly long time. Should be sooner.

Does it notify faster when your a cam plus subscriber??

Are you on Android?
There’s a known issue (over a year) of delayed, sometimes by an hour notifications.
This is only on Android.

15 sec is way to much. The Ring send me an instant notification with a preview. For a time of 15 sec. my bikes from a garage are 300 meters away from me :frowning:

The slow notifications to me are less annoying than the spliced beginning in the events they are causing while trying to speed up the notifications. They have now done it to the WCO cams as well making the start of the even delayed even farther than the normal delay from the PIR sensor. I have a WCO right next to a eufy cam in my shed both facing the same way for a redundant setup and the start of the WCO is at minimum 7 full seconds behind the eufy!! I estimate 7/9 seconds so 7 is the minimum. At start of the clip I’m 6 feet into the shed. This is after opening the door and slowly walking in. This latest update which included some type of splice in the start of the event (this I believe is something there doing to try and speed up notifications) that affects the start of the recording in a definite negative way. The start was only about 4 seconds behind the eufy before this new attempt to quicken notifications.

Trying to understand your last sentence?? Bikes 300 meters??? You lost me on what this has to do with the rest of your post. Are you meaning by the time you get notifications your bikes are long gone???

App Version: 2.17.31
OS: Android 11. Note: Ran the ADB Command to turn Doze mode off
V3 FW:
V2 FW:
WCO Base FW:
WCO Base Plugin:
CamPlus subscriber

Do you know if there is a way for the notifications to be triggered more quickly if someone selects all motion events. Basically stating that I don’t need AI, just notify me. Seems like they can eliminate the waiting until the motion stops and simply notify the moment motion is detected.

Then if AI is involved, start the interrogation as the event is occurring. This could speed things up as well once it detects any of the AI triggers for what you are looking for. No need to wait for all. They could possibly tag the events after it has notified the user.

I have noticed that they do alert while an event is occurring as I see the LIVE tag in the events area. so it is doing something as I am talking about, but maybe it could be faster if they alert when one of the AI events has been met.

Just more of curiosity on your take and what you believe is being done.