Doorbell app notification delay

Anyone else have long delays in getting motion detection notification in the app? I have Android, wife has iPhone and seeing delays from 1 minute up to 30 minutes before we get a “ding” that there was motion detected by the doorbell. Also need separate sounds for regular camera motion vs doorbell motion.

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Just clarifying, you both are seeing the delays? Asking because of the issue with Android pbones and a significant delay on notifications if you phone is not on a charger and has been sitting long enough for it to Doze. The issue is Doze mode. Currently, the only way to get around this is to run an ADB command against the phone. Alternatively, Wyze would need to determine how to get around the notification issue as others have. Easy way to test is to put your phone on a charger and then see if you get notified faster.

However, to answer your question, I installed the Doorbell today and have not experienced the delays you are seeing. I get notified within 5 to 10 seconds. I have both iPhone and Android, same results in each.

Other things to check or try:

  • Check your sensitivity. My default on the doorbell was 5, raised it to 90, and now get notifications frequently.
  • See if you have All Motion and AI notifications on. This would be a test to see if you get notifications faster. you can use the detection zone to mask out area’s you don’t want to be used.

Here are the versions of the App and FW I currently have. Note: I beta test the apps and FW.

Android device: Android 11
App Version: 2.18.18
Doorbell FW Version:

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I too am having the delay of motion notification on android (OnePlus 7 Pro). If the doorbell is pressed it seemed to be ok. But if its just motion triggered event…15 minutes before I hear about it. Yet, the Wyze V3 is always near instant.

Will look into the above posters info to see if it helps.

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