Beta Testing for Wyze Cam v3 RTSP Firmware Now Available!

Hi, everyone!

Thank you for your patience. We are now ready to begin the beta testing for Wyze Cam v3 RTSP! You can find more information about it in this post if you’re interested:


Oh My God! Better call the paramedics. I might be having a heart attack :slight_smile:


This is going to make some people so Excited! I’m excited for them. RTSP does open up a lot of opportunities. I might convert one cam for testing purposes.

This is great progress, so happy to get these announcements!


Do you have a set of commands listed someplace for this? I just downloaded and installed the iOS ware on my phone, and the WRV took an update yesterday… Trouble is, I do not know how to control it via Alexa.

I’ve tried two cameras with two different sd cards, that work fine in these cameras. Neither are picking up the demo.bin file. On both the light just goes red and then they go into setup mode.
Both are using different brand 64gb sd cards. I also tried a 4gb card. Same thing.

Are there requirements as to what firmware this can be flashed FROM?

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I haven’t been able to get my cam to show the blue light as described in the directions. Any suggestions?

I figured it out. The firmware needs to be named demo_wcv3.bin for the V3.


Nevermind…I was able to at least get the light to go purple but after a little bit it just goes to flashing red.

So I got it loaded, thanks NOT Wyze for providing clear instructions…
The file provided is
Once the FW is loaded and I look at device info it shows fw4.61.0.3 and no RTSP settings…

Beta? Maybe Alpha… what’s before Alpha??
Where does one find the RTSP settings?

Android app v2.16.23 if that makes any difference, I would imagine it does not.

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If it went to purple, let it finish, when it goes to red it means it’s ready and you can connect it in the app in the standard way.

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Settings > Advanced Settings > RTSP (all the way at the bottom).

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I do not have this, nothing else under Sync Time.
I’m familiar with the setting as I have v2s with RTSP.
So it’s quite strange.

Dumb question. Anyone gotten this to work?
I can load the file just fine, and show version I can set up RTSP in the camera just fine.
If I try to connect via BlueIris on my server, it never connects. Then I tried to connect via VLC on this computer and it appears to connect (the elapsed time counts), but just a black screen with the VLC traffic cone in the middle.
So next was to pull up the traffic monitoring tool in the router that the packets must pass through. It shows RTSP packets from either of the V3 camera I’m testing with to this computer with a data rate of somewhere in the 140kb/s range. The data rate from the V3 camera to my server (running BlueIris) is only an occasional packet. By comparison if I look at the IP for any of my V2 cameras that are streaming to BlueIris, the data rate is on the order of a megabit (fluctuated a lot as expected). Same thing for a V2 streaming to VLC on this computer. In BlueIris, I copied the configuration of one of my V2 cameras (changing only the IP address) when I added the V3 cameras to BlueIris.
I have flashed my two newest V3 cameras with exactly the same results.

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I upgraded the app to the latest version to v2.24.51 and now it is showing me the RTSP option under Advanced. I guess there is a point in the older app version where the new firmware features won’t be supported?

Would be great for Wyze to provide such info. I don’t look to upgrade anything unless functionality breaks, it has never served me well to “hey new version, let’s upgrade”, quite the opposite.

Was able to set this up, as @juched mentioned though, first time through it wasn’t working (when I generated the URL the first time). I could connect to the stream, but 2 things happened:
1)It would crash BI, repeatedly in a loop till I disable the camera
2)Then tested with VLC, it loaded it but black, no video, I could hear the audio.

Once I regenerated the RTSP url, VLC was getting both sound/video,
Tried in BI, it’s crashing BI…

whoa, weird…

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I saw your post in the other thread (thank you for moving it over here). Same thing, regenerate the URL or power cycle the camera, and it came right up both in VLC and BlueIris.
Gonna do a few more…

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Regenerate the rtsp URL, it should fix it.

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What BI version are you running? I’m running At the time I had (kept the updates) support and tried newer versions but they either tapped out the CPU past what I found acceptable, or had issues with writing straight to disk.
So when I add this camera, my BI goes into a crash/start mode non stop, until I quickly disable it. This is so so strange… not sure why it’s happening, log doesn’t say anything.

Someone mentioned running it in UPD mode that’s it’s more reliable for this Beta, what port number, the standard 7000?
Running it on a Dell R710 server with dual Xeon L5520 CPUs and 48GB of RAM using Windows server 2012r2. BI is taking around 35% of the CPU and BI is currently handling 22 cameras.

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I’ve updated 4 of 5 of my v3 cameras to RTSP with no issues. I’ve set them up in iSpy as FFMPEG (H264), also with no issues noted. I’ll get the 5th one tomorrow, as I need to get on a ladder and remove a window screen to be able to get an SD card into and flash it. It might (FINALLY) be time to retire MeMu and TinyCam Pro. image