RTSP firmware issue V2

I have installed the RTSP firmware on my Wyzecam V2 and I still don’t see any RTSP settings in the Advanced settings area. Anyone else having this issue??

Do you have the latest version of the app?

You need to be running Wyze App version 2.3.x. Are you?

Before I updated the firmware last night, I updated the app so I assumed I had the latest version. I just checked now and there was another update so I can now see the RTSP settings. Thanks!

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Where can this firmware version can be downloaded?
The Wyze RTSP page with link for firmware has (main link) and (at the bottom as an alternative).

Where is @Loki can you help please? I’d like to give this a shot, I’m also experiencing issues like with the others (locking up) and .48 is supposed to be more stable in this respect I understand…

Thank you!

Hi, @teredactle. I think @tomp said he had a copy of that RTSP FW .48. Was he able to get that to you?

Maybe it in the beta tester firmware

The firmware linked there at the bottom is version .40, actually “earlier” than .41…
Is there a beta section where only certain users have access?

Yes, sorry, couldn’t find that post. @tomp, could you please post a link to the RTSP fw .48 version. Where was this made available, is it only for certain users? Thank you!

Not a problem. Here is the post in this thread.

I was talking about this. if you look the folder it has a number beta2 at the end. It is until you install what it will come out to be.

Beta Firmware

Have you have installed RTSP files from this page previously and are running into any of the following issues?

  • Delay: Video from RTSP is more than 4 seconds behind the Live Stream in the Wyze app
  • Frame skip: Video is not smooth and appears to jump every few seconds
  • Connection: Video drops after a while and rebooting (or turning RTSP off and back on) is required to restore the connection.

If so, please help to test the following firmware.

We introduced several changes to address the above issues. However, if you were not experiencing any of those issues with the previous version, you should stay with the one you currently have installed as it may be more stable for you.

This firmware is still in beta testing. We will release the formal version later after thorough testing.

I just did the beta2 and it

Yes, this is what I posted earlier. Not sure if Wyze messed up the available fw version linked there or what, .48 is nowhere to be found…

I will be glad to share the file, but it is one I have on my laptop. I anyone wants a copy please send me a private message with an email and I will happily send you a copy.
Or - @moderators - if someone can tell me how to upload to an accessible area I’m happy to do so.

The forum doesn’t have a file repository that could be used for this purpose. I can only suggest that you might use something like Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link here.


That’s what I figured. Just trying to avoid that but I will go ahead and set it up. Thanks.

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