Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Strange that your reply quoted me instead of @teredactle … for the record, I’m still hopeful that Wyze would come through with the RTSP firmware for the V3 soon.

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Without RTSP support for Wyze V3 - is there any other way to view on a Windows desktop via VLC?
Seeing there is no update in 2 month to a reply to the post in March 13 2021 about V3 \RTSP , if this is not going to be support as beta, would it be possible to advise, so I can return my V3 and buy V2 cameras.,the%20firmware%20that%20supports%20RTSP.&text=The%20v3%20does%20not%20support,the%20firmware%20that%20supports%20RTSP.

You may have to hunt for the V2 cameras. Wyze has them on the website (Out of Stock) but I think they are discontinued and may not be available. May find them at HomeDepot or maybe Amazon.

Any other ways to view the wyze cam on a desktop without RTSP? - Would like to use a synology with it also if possible.

You’ll need to search through the forum. Many use TinyCam Pro. Some use (I think) Bluestack. Others can provide better information on that than me as I don’t use either of them.

Yes, you can use TinyCam as leverage into RTSP compatibility for the V3.

Search google for wyze cam 3 hcix, apparently you can view the stream from VLC. I haven’t had time to try it, but when I have it I will. Pros - you can still watch the camera in Wyze app.

You can also do that while using the TinyCam workaround. (And you don’t have to touch camera, firmware, or Wyze app.)

I have one friend using bluestack on win 10 just fine, and another using Tinycam pro

I just finished installing the new RTSP in my cam v2 but cannot find the 2.3 app. I type wyze in the play store but it just says installed. My version is 2.20.21. I’d like to try the new feature but can’t find 2.3 TIA

This thread is from 2019 as is the very old app 2.3 you are referring to , 2.20.21 is the most current production app

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Ok, I have 2.20.21 however the RTSP is not in the advanced tab and I ran the firmware update. Any suggestions? Thank you

Any reason why I am not seeing the update on the app store. I am currently running version 2.20.142. Please let me know. Thanks.

So… still no night mode. :roll_eyes:

when does this come to v3 and or doorbell?

Yes, IF you have an Android mobile device.
The hack works, although not great (stream is not as solid as on the v2 with rtsp support) but you can add now the v3 to BlueIris or watch in VLC.
Good enough for now

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It will never come to the doorbell, and I have my doubts if it will ever come to the WC3.
If you want a doorbel with RTSP look here

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Is ANYONE listening to WYZE cam v3 customers and potential buyers? WE WANT RTSP for the v3… PLEASE let me have it

I totally agree. I would have purchased new ones, but since they don’t support it, not gonna happen.

This was published in the notes of the June AMA;

Original Response:
RTSP for v3 is getting closer! Development is now complete and it is in internal testing with Wyze employees. My guess is that it will be released within the next 3-4 months, if testing goes well .
RTSP for v3 will be released the same way it was for v2. It will be a separate firmware that won’t get updated as frequently.
The overall percentage of Wyze users that use RTSP is actually extremely low, but we know how important this is for that small percentage of core users! We are 100% committed to getting it done , it might just take a little extra time compared to some other features.
Outdoor Cam most likely will not get RTSP because it’s battery-powered. Next on the list would probably be the doorbell, but we haven’t really looked at that yet .