Updated RTSP Support - Question

I have read a lot on supporting RTSP, and I would like to know for sure, does WYZE plan on supporting it going forward?

If not, is there any plan on making the current Firmware that does support it stable? I mean, I can get it to work, but it will not stay working for any real length of time. It might work for an hour, day, or two minutes then lose connection.

I love these cameras, they make perfect editions to internal monitoring systems, or they would. I have one now that I use to monitor puppies we just had using Blue Iris. But I can’t keep the camera stable. I am not looking for zooming or other features, just something that can be viewed remotely using (in my instance) Blue Iris.

Thanks, just looking for some clarity from WYZE on this rather handly protocol or maybe it is just a matter of getting a working preset camera in Blue Iris? I have tried every trick I have found to no real avail. If anyone has had success, I would love to get the settings from you!