Rtsp on Wyse Camera v3

Dear Wyze Developers (or forum moderators, or any nice Wyze employee)…

PLEASE can someone give the community an update re: RTSP on the Wyze Cam v3? Many of us having been waiting patiently for many, many months.

Many thanks.


I’ve have had some back-and-forth with Wyze via support ticket. I asked (politely) if they could please go to the developers directly and ask them what’s going on. Here is the message I received back:

Thanks for reaching back! I have checked this directly with our specialist and was informed that the RTSP on the V3 camera is still under development. I was also informed that as of the moment, we do not have an estimated date as to when it will be available but I will let you know once we have more info regarding this. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach us back. Thank you for being part of Wyze and have an amazing day!

My day would be more amazing if they released RTSP. :roll_eyes:

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If you are willing to deploy another machine to act as a wyze → rtsp bridge, there is a github project that has been tested and is available now which will allow you to create rtsp streams from your Wyze v3 cameras without touching the firmware: https://forums.wyze.com/t/rtsp-for-new-v3-camera/146016/222?u=sysop

It’s my understanding that installing rtsp firmware on a camera essentially takes it out if the Wyze ecosystem. Meaning…not usable in the Wyze app, or eligible for Cam Plus, etc. Is that right? Seems like by giving users rtsp, they’re kinda limiting potential earning. Nice of them to do, but probably not something that helps their long term goals. Maybe?

I can access my RTSP V2 with the Wyse app. View live, view playback, change the settings etc. once you add the RTSP firmware to the camera you have to go into the settings to set up your RTSP stream. I can’t add cam plus to it, but I believe that’s due to the older firmware used to create the RTSP beta line of firmware for the camera that I run. I believe there is a newer V2 RTSP firmware that may have updated features. I’ll also note that on my RTSP V2 is where I ran my sense v1 hub for a very long time.

Good to know. Sounds like my understanding was incorrect!

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The webcam firmware is the one that completely takes it out of the Wyze ecosystem. No app control or anything. , No recording etc. Only a video webcam stream with audio and mic.

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Thank you. That must be where I got my wires crossed. I should try the rtsp on one of my cams!

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And if it’s not what you wanted, flash the firmware back to the production one! :slight_smile:

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To the WYZE dev team - you are literally losing THOUSANDS of sales of the V3 product because you are not supporting RTSP on it. Why was it not released with it since the V2 already had it as an option ?

Seems not very smart. The V3 has a better spec - customers as asking for them - when we tell them the V3 does not have RTSP and we offer the V2, they IMMEDIATELY go elsewhere.


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The one and the only additional thing I wish V3 support out of the box is RTSP… and we’re all still waiting… wyze…


not that anyone is listening… but it would be nice to have that rtsp please

It is something they are currently working on

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Sooo, how 'bout that RTSP? I’ll give 21 story points to whomever releases it!!!

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Respectfully, it’s of no use to me without RTSP.

I understand the concept of Wyze wanting an income stream from their cloud services, but anyone who has a real multi-camera security system is going to want all of their cameras to work with their exiting system. As such, Wyze has no hope of converting those potential customers into cloud service customers, So it just comes down to whether Wyze wants to sell some cameras that they would not otherwise sell.

I would comment too that it is well known to many potential customers that Wyze has never had solid RTSP support for any of their cameras. I submit that it’s not a matter of a small percentage of customers wanting RTSP - it’s a case of an existing customer base who may not even know what RTSP is. It’s not reasonable to use a non-RTSP customer base as a basis for determining how many customers want RTSP.

So for the record, if Wyze provides credible RTSP support on the V3 (or better), I will most certainly buy some. If not, then I most certainly will not.


This isnt rocket science. Feels like a classic marketing department stall or misprioritized activity.

I’d tired of waiting.

I need to scrap these and replace my 27 Wyze V3 cameras across three sites with something like them that Blue Iris can talk to TODAY.

any suggestions on REPLACEMENT BRANDS with similar size/features?

I don’t have time for this game any longer, and an really dissapoonted in this company.

I invested in these cameras assuming the Blue Iris interface to these cameras would have followed months ago now.

and yes I agree with all those who said this should be built in to a software update. it absolutely should. work out a
proprietary interfave with Blue Iris directly, I dont care, just let Blue Iris control these cameras without all the git hacker magic others have time to play with (I do not).

i get really upset when I see the BS list of feature improvements bundled with each software update for these cameras and Blue Iris support ain’t in the list



yeah man, I’m going to start replacing mine with reolink rlc-410, PoE is easier than this usb wall wort bs anyway

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Hi All,
I thought I’d add my vote to asking for RTSP for Wyze Cam V3. I received my first one last week and love it. But I do want to integrate it with my Synology Surveillance station.
Please Wyze, if you are listening, can you give us an ETA?

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Alx1772, & anyone else waiting in vain for RTSP for Cam V3,

This thread about asking Wyze to release RTSP for Cam V3’s has been going on for 5 months without a single word from Wyze.

Marcus2021 above is planning on replacing his 27 V3 cams with something else that supports RTSP, and apparently so is ixlasgun above. 6 months ago I opted to purchase 12 V3 Cams instead of V2 Cams because I believed the “RSTP coming soon” messages I read. I’ve since replaced all of my Wyze Cams with other cameras, and I suggest that you return yours if you’re still within the 30-day return window, and then wait until (if ever) Wyze releases RTSP for V3 before buying anymore Wyze products.

It’s disgraceful that Wyze has for the most part been silent on the matter of releasing RTSP for V3 Cams. The loyal customer base has pleaded with Wyze to provide a realistic ETA (date) for RTSP, but they haven’t. The “RTSP for V3 Cams is coming soon” message that Wyze has been selling to all of us for over 6 months has become worse than old and stale. Many now view the empty promise of RTSP for V3 as a simply a stall tactic to keep selling camera hardware while at the same time propagandizing to sell more of their cloud recording.

Wyze doesn’t deserve to profit by by treating its customer base this poorly.

I believe “Shenzhen Baichuan Security Technology Company” makes Reolink cameras, and they also OEM for Amcrest, and Swann. Dahua also OEMs for Amcrest, Lorex, Panasonic, and many others just FYI.


Thanks for the update. Yes, I am still within my 30 days. What a shame, as I actually really like the camera, but I don’t need another subscription service. I already have Arlo’s and they work great outdoors, so I wanted something simpler indoors.
I’ll watch this space closely, and let’s keep our fingers crossed :slight_smile: