Only Stream Cam V3 Video to Local WiFi

I have a new cam V3 and I want to watch the video streams on my local network only. I do not want to stream video up to and take up valuable internet bandwidth. How do I only stream the video to my phones and not the internet?


It already works that way. No live video ever streams to Wyze servers (except for some Alexa streams). If you don’t need to access the video outside your LAN then simply refrain from doing so. (Even then it does not go through Wyze servers on the way to your remote phone.)

Motion events are recorded to Wyze servers but you can simply disable that. Go to camera, Settings, Event Recording, and turn off Detects Motion and Detects Sound.

I have the “Detects Motion and Detects Sound” options disabled on the camera and Wi-Fi disabled on my phone. Even though these options are disabled I can still see the video stream on my phones. How is this happening if the camera doesn’t stream to Wyze servers? Does it use Bluetooth then?


It is happening via a 3rd party “P2P” service that establishes a direct link between your phone and the camera. Nothing to do with Bluetooth. There are detailed explanations:

Using your home router, you can block all outbound traffic to the internet from your camera. LAN traffic will operate as usual.

You sure about this?

I believe each camera has to communicate with the Wyze servers before anyone can get its feed, even for clients on the same LAN.

In other words, intra-LAN peer-to-peer is possible, but only after the camera has checked with an outside Wyze server.

This is done at startup, but recent reports say that this check is being done periodically now. Which means at some point, the video stream will stop, because the outside connection is lost.

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Yes. From what I recall reading it’s actually much worse with the V3. The two primary off grid methods really don’t work with it?