Direct WIFI live feed using Android emulator

This is a slightly different spin on a question that has been asked multiple times - can we use the Wyze cam directly to cast live video to a local device without the need to stream the content through the “cloud?” To the best of my knowledge the previous answers have been “no.” I would like to use this camera, but I have zero intention to route my video through the cloud. Can I bypass this requirement by emulating an Android device on a PC, and streaming video over WIFI? I understand that I would still probably need to authenticate a valid account to Wyze, and I don’t have a major issue with that, as long as I can keep my live feed local only. If the answer is still “no,” can anyone from Wyze give us the justification for that limitation? It seems quite unlikely that it is technical in nature. If it somehow reduces Wyze revenue, I would be willing to pay more to allow this.

When you are streaming on the same LAN as the camera, the video stream stays within the LAN (even though there is some connection to Wyze servers needed to get the stream started). As long as you don’t have motion/sound/smoke/CO detection enabled, and as long as the viewing device is on the same LAN, video doesn’t leave the LAN.

You can test this yourself by starting the live stream, then disconnect your router/modem from the cable or telephone line. The stream will continue even though the router is air-gapped from the internet.


Very good answer. Thank you!

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