Cam view via wifi and/or cloud

Software changes to allow live streaming camera video over wifi (i.e. to a third party app like TinyCam, etc., and/or Wyze developed) without disabling the internet connection. Users need the ability to bypass the current requirement data (image) pass over an internet connection to the cloud and back to the app. In doing so a Wyze cam can be used to construct a wifi connected DVR and, if desired, continuously display multiple cam images on a security monitor. A wifi bypass mode is needed to eliminate the currently high internet data usage- a huge limitation for using multiple Wyze cameras used as part of home/office security setup. Remote viewing via phone, etc., when desired and typically only on a limited basis, would continue to be completed via specific camera login of the current cloud connected setup. If both can not be accommodated, a software option, to bypass/disable the internet/remote login is needed.

When your phone running the Wyze app and the camera are on the same local network, camera video is streamed locally without going to the cloud. Initial connection still happens via the cloud, but the data usage is minimal.

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What about a tablet on the network, running an app that accesses multiple Wyze cameras on the same network? Is camera video streamed locally- i.e no/minimal could usage?


Yes, if the tablet is on the same local network as the cameras, then the video stream stays within the network.

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Thank you.

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