Anyone tried the Chrome Extension to view Wyze Cams?

Wyze App for PC

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They are even using the Wyze logo?

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Do you have a more specific link for their Chrome extension to view Wyze cams?

When I click your general link and search for “Wyze Chrome” I get zero hits. When I search for “Wyze” I get what looks like a December 24, 2019 article about installing Wyze on a PC or Mac using emulators.

So basically it looks like a site that is collecting revenue by republishing procedures?

But I couldn’t find your original Wyze Chrome link there. Anything more specific?

I just googled wyze on pc in a chrome browser and found it.

Lol. I could have done that. You started a thread titled “Anyone tried the Chrome Extension to View Wyze Cams?”, then said offered by, even using the Wyze logo.

Was the subject a completely different discussion than the message?

1.5 stars out of 5 can’t be wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you follow the “Website” link it brings you to the relevant page on the “developer” site… which is just a really bad set of instructions advising you to install Bluestacks! They also claim you have to pay Wyze for cloud storage after the first 14 days. Not a smart crew.

It is incredibly unlikely that the Chrome extension does anything except direct you to those instructions.

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