Run Wyze cam on Windows PC? alternative to Bluestacks?

Hi Team,

I am using Bluestacks to run TinyCam. But Bluestacks is using lot of resources and system going slow. Any alternative way we can use TinyCam?

I haven’t tried this yet but have you tried a different Android emulator like Nox or Memu, then running the Wyze app in that?

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I hope Wyze teams comes a solution fast using their own web url. I think most users are waiting for it. especially when you at office and away from the phone in office.


Agreed 1000000%. Even if they have to raise the price of the cameras a little bit to cover the development cost and any implementation costs, it would make the service way more useful and practical to a lot of people.

Android emulators are a workaround but it’s also not practical for a lot of people. To get an emulator running takes more tech knowledge than a lot of people have, and many people can’t install something like that on their work computer anyway.

I would like to be able to just access the videos from a computer.

Any device running on the Android operating system can host TinyCam. Have you considered buying a Fire TV box? They run Android.

I installed TinyCam on my phone but it won’t accept my login as my email address. I just set up an account with Wyze and am currently using the cloud free trial. I would like to try the TinyCam if I can get it working. Any help on this would be appreciated.

The TinyCam developer, @ alexey.vasilyev has an account on this forum. Perhaps he can help.

Thanks for that information. I had uninstalled it but I will give it another go and see if I can get it working. If not, at least I know where I can find some help. :+1: