Wyzecam for Outdoors?

So I have a few wyzecams but they are all wyzecam 2. They work okay inside the home but still sometimes has issues. I have micro sd cards for all of them. But i only have the legacy detection with my account but i would like other people to use it as well. Thus i asked about sharing the device and people said if you share your login username/password, that would work. But they are unsure about sharing it with other new wyzecam accounts created.

Now which wyzecam is good for outdoor use? Its impossible to use one of my current wyzecam 2 outside right? Since in order to do this, well you need to connect to an outlet and its rarely to have outlets outside the home. Also, someone could literally just unplug it and take off with it. I assume nobody uses a wyzecam 2 outside their home right? Only way i could possibly see this done is if you drill a hole in your house so the wire can go through from the wall outlet inside your house to outside your house. Or do people do this?

So wyzecam 3 is what i would be looking for then? From looking at amazon, there doesn’t appear to be any strings or wire… so that is wireless? So basically you connect it to the back of that metal plate like the thing that came with the wyzecam 2? Can you do that? Or people don’t do this since well a thief could just take it like that? Thus people install it to the wall so its hard to take it out. But is this process hard to do? i’m talking about like putting some of these cameras in say front door and backdoor and say garage all outside etc. What would be the perfect setup for this?

Wyze Cam V3 is not a battery camera. It has to be plugged in, but it is rated for outdoor use.

Wyze Cam outdoor is a battery operated camera. You must buy the outdoor starter kit that includes the base station as the camera connects to the base station wirelessly.

If I were you, I’d use the search function in the forums to search for the V3 and the outdoor cam and see what people are saying about them. Many of your questions might be answered that way.


You should really search youtube for “wyze v3” and "wyze cam outdoor "


I still have one Wyze cam V2 installed outside. I’m too lazy to take it down. But it’s under the eaves, so it doesn’t really get wet when it rains.

It doesn’t snow here so it’s not a concern, but I see others doing the same in snowy areas.

On the flipside, I see other posters with failed V3s installed outside that are really exposed to the elements. My outdoor V3s are fine, but they too, are under the eaves.

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Like what others pointed out, the Wyze cam outdoor (WCO) is battery-powered. You will need to recharge the battery regularly. And use a ladder if it’s installed up high.

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Also, I had been using my v2 cams outdoors for a couple years with no issues. They sell protective housings for them on ebay and Amazon.

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Can you explain the protective housings for them on ebay and amazon?

So would you recommend to use some of my v2 cams outdoors then? The thing is how do you connect it to an outlet then if the outlet is inside your house?

So basically a battery operated camera is what i want right? Like i want one in the front door and one on the back door etc. So wyzecam is probably not good option for this then? I mean the wyzecam 2 i have is good for using inside the home. But i want something for outside etc.

Check out this thread for some ideas

I took a look at the thread. So basically its a lot tougher doing this with this wyzecam then right?

Still confused here as don’t the wire still need to connect to an outlet where the outlet is inside your house/apartment? Can’t imagine you want a wire going from outside and through your door so you need to drill a small hole nearby inside your home like how they do that when you install cable internet in your house and they need to put wiring on?

The easiest way is to use your outdoor light fixtures for power .
Some more ideas here

What is there to explain? Its a plastic housing that holds the camera and protects it and also has a swivel mount. You are making this way over complicated and just confusing yourself even more. There are plenty of good videos on YouTube showing how these cameras work, the outdoor housings , and using them outdoors. The battery operated cam, the WCO or wyze cam outdor is very lackluster in its abilities and features compared to the v2 or v3. If you have some v2 already, order some housings and 25 or 50 foot usb cables to supply power and mount them outside where you want them and either plug them into an outdoor outlet or find a way to run the wire through a window or door jam. Seriously, this is not that complicated. Hundreds of us have been using the v2 outside for years. Please forgive my tone, but this really isn’t difficult.