Wyze Cam outdoor & 2nd camera

Hello, I’d like to purchase the Wyze Cam Outdoor and I see it can support up to 4 cameras with one base station. However, I don’t see the additional cameras as an option. Are the additional cameras just the Wyze Cam 3 as the additional cameras compatible with the base station? Also, is the base station compatible with the doorbell? Thanks

There are no single outdoor cameras in stock, which is why you don’t see them on the site. The V3 is not the same, it has no battery and requires to be plugged in all the time.

The base station that’s included in the outdoor cam starter kit is solely for the outdoor cameras. The doorbell works as is with the Wyze app.


The base will support 4 cameras not 5. The only places to buy additional cams are Home Depot and Amazon and they are very pricey. I have the base and 4 cams but I purchased them 1 year ago and the additional cams were about $20.00 cheaper for each cam. I think you should look at the V3 cams and figure out a way to provide them a power source.



Seems like it’s the same price - which is absurd, there are less parts in the camera only.

So you could just buy the Outdoor cam and throw away the base station? Seems kind of wasteful.

The problem is, out of stock since October - and don’t say electronic parts shortage as there are clearly LESS parts in the camera only - makes me think Wyze has no intention of selling the camera only.

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Third party sellers like Amazon and Home Depot have a markup. When they are back in stock in the Wyze store the stand alone outdoor camera is cheaper than the bundle/starter.

I purchased 2 additional outdoor cams from Wyze shortly after I bought the starter bundle.

Third party sellers like Amazon and Hoke Depot have a markup

Not necessarily, It depends on how the seller deal is done - many retailers sell products at the same price on their website as well as retailer websites; this is done so that the trade doesn’t get gutted.

Which is wise (pun not intended), as otherwise why would Home Depot carry Wyze products if consumers know they can get them cheaper at the source?

The larger issue is why is Wyze selling stand-alone cams to Home Depot - knowing there’s no reason for us to buy them - when they could be selling stand-alone cams on their own site? Or even a 4 camera one base station bundle? I’d gladly buy that and have an extra hub for when I go camping.

And again, chip shortage doesn’t make sense, as there are fewer chips in the stand-alone.

It makes me think that Wyze won’t ever get the stand-alone cams in stock, forcing me to buy the extra hub and throw it away. That’s not good for the environment. If they intended to sell the stand-alone cams, they could say “out of stock” on the webpage; that would be understandable.

Can a single house have 2 hubs?

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P.S. Smart on ordering 2 at the time, that deal wasn’t available when I bought mine :frowning:

Perhaps not necessarily, but as far as the deal with Wyze and Home Depot and/or Amazon resellers, it is indeed true. I’ve noticed that prices on Amazon and Home Depot are always higher than what Wyze sells them for. Home Depot also carried the starter bundle - until they were sold out.

Wyze sold a bunch to Home depot when they were first manufactured, so, what’s at Home Depot and probably other resellers like Amazon are from that original batch, not new ones. I don’t think they continually resupply them to Home Depot and others before offering them on Wyze.

Wyze has always removed products that were sold out from their site, and then when they come back in stock they reappear. Don’t know why they do it this way, they just do for many of their products.

For clarification, I bought the starter bundle (base and 1 cam) when they were pre order. I purchased 2 more when they hit full production but it wasn’t a bundle deal. I paid the full price for 2.

And yes, you can have 2 base stations for the outdoor cameras, as each base station can only accommodate 4 outdoor cams. Some people with larger houses have two base stations to accommodate the larger square footage and signal reach.