Outdoor Cam V1 - all dead?

I’ve been with Wyze from their beginning, having bought my first cam about 6 months after they started. Of my many cams through the years (I have 11 I think total in two locations), I still have (had) 2 of the original outdoor cams. I have these because I have them where THERE’S NO POWER.

Have they eliminated these in the app? Both of them went dead about the same time about a month or so ago. The latest image I have from one is Feb 23rd, the other I’ve deleted with the thought that it just lost its setup and I was going to just re-add it. But NOOOO… I can’t do that either because it’s not in the set up (add device config) anymore either. That makes me wonder if they’ve eliminated it from their lineup completely. If they have, I sure would have liked to have known that was coming so I could replace them BEFORE I lost their use. One is in a remote location (the one I’ve not deleted yet) and I need it to watch a property. Now, that cam is DEAD. Better question, why would they totally eliminate a working cam - forcing you to buy new hardware - when the old was still completely functional? I can see no longer providing support/upgrades, but to eliminate it completely from the app WHEN IT STILL WORKS is disheartening.

What gives Wyze?

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Turns out I have 3, not 2. The third is dead as well. It still shows up in the app and I’ve rebooted the base station several times. It shows up fine. But now I can’t connect to the third one either. It’s last image was 3/17.

I REALLY hope this is not Wyze forcing me to buy new hardware WHEN WHAT I HAVE WAS PERFECTLY FUNCTIONAL.

Both the V1 and V2 battery-powered outdoor cameras still work in the app. Wyze has not eliminated them. I just tried mine, and they still work.

Both models are added to the app using the same Cameras > Wyze Cam Outdoor add entry.

I have 2 V1s and 2 V2s, all out of warranty. 3 out of 4 still work.

The one that doesn’t work is a V2 that developed a leak and fried the power input circuit card.

One of the V1s also uses about 10% battery power a day, but after swapping the battery on the bench that looks like an internal battery drain issue. I can live with it as I already have a solar panel connected to it.

My point in telling you all this is the cameras may have legit died.

If you deep-discharged to 0% since February, then you may have to plug the WOC in for days before it comes back. And then it may not. It is not recommended to let the battery drop to 0%. They may have run out of power in Feb or soon after. Something to try, anyway.

Obviously if the batteries aren’t old, and the device is still under warranty, you can go that route too. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the assist. However, I just added the one back that I deleted, It took 2 attempts to add it back, but “It’s alive!”

Now, to figure out what the issue is with the other two cams. One I can go get and delete/re-add it, I guess. The other is at a remote location so it will have to wait.

Faith in Wyze has been restored!

And the one that I couldn’t get to started working again. I wonder if the one I re-added reset something in the base station (they both use the same base) and that caused the second one to work again. Maybe the base station farted? I tried rebooting the base several times, but maybe fixing the first one did something to the base fixing the second one in the process?

All three of my Outdoor cameras went off line over the last few days. AND my doorbell as well BUT my one indoor camera works just fine. I have tried all the tricks: power cycling, re-pairing. Turning the bases station off for a while. Nothing works,

I focused on the doorbell. Deleted it from my iPad. Tried to add it back in. Got to the scan the QR code step. Did not work. Connection failed.

Any more ideas? I am out of them.

try again. it took me a couple of tries to get that one OC to re-add. But it did go after the second try.

Thanks, all for the suggestions. Two of my three are back online again and I resurrected an old one in a drawer too to use as a bird feeder cam. The remote one is still dead for now until I can get there to fix it, but I do believe now it can be.

The old, original Outdoor Cams V1 are indeed still alive!

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Current situation: all three OCs are still offline despite repeated attempts to get them working, including removing them and adding them back, getting “pairing successful” and a brief image inside the house, then dead again. I am convinced this is a firmware issue but am surprised that others don’t see this issue.

Regarding the parallel issue of the video doorbell, I removed it, which requires taking it off the wall, and tried to add it back again. No go. You enter the wifi password and the app generates a QR code which the cam then reads. But the result is QR code is wrong, Now the fool thing is saying Ready to Connect every few seconds and I can’t get it to shut up. The only cure is to disconnect it from power.

Finally called support and got a lady in the Philippines. She wasted time with trivia, then dropped off. Called another one, focusing just on the doorbell. Nothing worked. In the end she asked me to send her a photo of the back of the device and the order. I found the order on Amazon ($59, 2.2.22) and sent her the info. Possibly this will result in a refund if the device is still under warrantee. But I don’t believe the issue is the doorbell hardware.

I wouldn’t trust the V1 those have been proven to be faulty security wise and hackable even with the patches. I do not know if they did a recall on them but when I logged into my account it seems they erased all my purchases of the V1’s or they somehow lost all my purchases because they have a new system online that didnt transfer all my purchases to the new web so I can see them. regardless I still have them in a box. I use the newer models now. I use them for bird watching, cat watching and security monitoring. I do TNR where catch cats so I can Spay and Neuter them so to Control the cat population in my area as a Non Profit. it is very bad here where I live, They either euthanize the cats or we create a organization to catch them before they catch them. These cameras are so affordable their is no reason to go after Wyse for peanuts for the dollar. I prefer to use the cameras as dummy cameras to scare off intruders. just plug them in and let the led light turn red and that will be enough.

The original indoor V1 was discontinued, marked obsolete, and removed from further updates a long time ago, but each series in the Wyze camera line has it’s own version sequence. The V1 Outdoor Camera is still supported and updated, and has not been proven faulty security wise.

I don’t own the original V1 indoor camera, so no experience there.

I hear you. I got two V1 Outdoors right away. Over the last year, they have been slowly failing. All I get from support is to wait for the next update. Reluctant to replace them with V2’s. Thinking about Blinks.