Cam Outdoor V1 Not Working

Hello all,

All three of my Wyze Cam Outdoor V1 suddenly stopped connecting. They all show offline. I have tried resetting the base and the cameras several times. I started a chat with tech support and they told me to check that my app is up to date (it is), ensure the cameras are charged (currently charging, but they were all above 50% when issue occurred), and turn the cameras on and off (already did several times). After telling them those were all done, the rep asked me if I had V2 cameras and I confirmed I had V1. I was then told that those are no longer in stock, but they could offer me $20 to replace.

Did Wyze do something to make the V1 obsolete? How did we go from basic troubleshooting immediately to the cameras need to be replaced. They were working perfectly fine yesterday…

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Since ALL of your WOCs are offline, my personal guess is either your Base has gone belly-up, or it is disconnected from the network for some reason (like it is disconnected from Ethernet, and was never set up for WiFi).

Does your Base have a crossed off cloud to the right on the Home tab device list? If you click on the base, does it say “Connected via” at the top? If it is connected we will need to think some more, but if not you either have a simple connection problem there, or it needs replacement. The base is the same for the V1 and the V2.

On the thing they told you about giving you $20 to buy a V2, I can only say if the V1s are still under warranty then they should give you a V2 if they have no V1s. If not under warranty, then $20 is a good deal. However, the chance that all your V1s went belly-up at once is not likely, and they did not stop supporting them.


The quality alone of the v1 soulf make you wanna go to v2 or v3.

That being said id blame your router, base, or NW.

That did get me thinking about cloud based devices though and technically they COULD stop providing support for cloud recordings to specific devices at some point…

I’d say without a doubt I had the MOST trouble with Outdoor V1 devices. I still have 4. Not a huge priority to upgrade them to V2 - I’d rather find a way to wire the Wyze Cam v3 or OG then try to use WCO again. I have one of the WCO inside the house plugged in to swap with one of the outside ones.

I have 1 WCO inside, 3 WCO outside, of which 2 of the WCO have the Wyze Solar Panel connected.

I feel like the ‘charging state’ of the WCO displayed - like your 50% - isn’t highly accurate. A test you can do - leave the WCO plugged into chargers just on a desk one night and see if it happens again. That way you’ll have 100% charge in 12-24 hours, you can rule out the battery state, and go from there.

I gave up on having the WCO base/gateway thing connected wirelessly. Never worked - spent so much time struggling with that - Wyze sent me new WCO before. Was a newer firmware, etc. The bug was that if you plugged WCO base into wireless, then switched it to wifi, after you unplugged the ethernet, it would get ‘stuck’ on wired connection and not switch it to wifi. I gave up - tried for probably 8 hours to figure it out. Wasn’t worth the hassle anymore - just wired them to the mesh router I had in the 2 rooms where the base were, factory reset, configured with wired connection, no problems since probably 1.5 years.