Problems with Wyze Cam Outdoor (not original V1 cam)

Same here, my friend. I wonder if i can buy just the base for the v1 cameras i have.

MODERATOR NOTE: OP is referring to the Wyze Cam Outdoor. Separate thread created.

Where can i get the software that your talking about? I would also need the instructions.
Thanx in advance.

Where can i get this update. Is it for the cameras or the base?

I have 2 of them that the base cannot find. That is why i am in need of software version and instructions on how to up/down date it.

I haven’t been able to get it to work. My camera is completely dead. No lights, No picture No sound. Battery will not charge as far as I know because the app just shows the camera “Offline” it doesn’t work plugged in either. :cry:

Can you send me a link to the firmware version that did work for you?

As I mentioned before, this thread is about the v1 cam. The original Wyze cam. It’s EOL, and is NOT battery powered. You are talking about the Wyze Cam Outdoor v1. Those are very diffrent cameras. If your having issues, please create a post in the appropriate category. Thanks!

No. I haven’t tried that. What version software are you using and what version app are you using?

Yeah. I have both and I get confused since I’m having trouble with both models. Not real impressed with Wyze right now.
Some suggested I delete my 2 cameras while the blue light is flashing and re install them. I need to know what version of soft is working for the base unit and where I can get it.

@rich4121 I have split your replies from the original topic which is in reference only to the original V1 Wyze Cam indoor camera. You appear to be having trouble with the WCO. For help with that issue, I’d suggest you contact Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT for assistance.


That is the battery powered WCO v1. That is not part of the original thread, but this thread were on now is fine.

Im having trouble with that one AND this one. I can’t get the base to find camera.

How to flash the version one WCO camera. You need to click on release notes (IN BLUE), go WYZE Cam Outdoor and download version March 23 2022. Make sure you follow the direction as written.

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Thank You. I will try. And this will work on this camera?

Yes, make sure you download the file for the WYZE Cam Outdoor, NOT the WCO v2 that is on the list.

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Sorry if I sound stupid but is this fir the camera, the base or both?

It’s for the camera only. WYZE no longer makes base firmware available for downloading for some strange reason, they remove all the base firmware files earlier this year. You don’t need the base firmware if the base is working and has a solid blue light on the top which means it is connected to your 2.4 network.
Make sure you follow the camera flashing directions closely. Make a temp folder on your pc, download the firmware file to it, extract all then copy and paste the sd_update file to a 32GB or smaller SD card to put in the camera.

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