Problems with Wyze Cam Outdoor (not original V1 cam)

Thank you so much. Can you please send me a link to get the correct software? I can’t seem to find it.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Click the version number, it’s a link.

Seriously?? :astonished: Click on the release notes link I posted above (Release notes and Firmware.)
Go to Wyze Outdoor Cam on the next page tap on the blue number and download the file.

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This is the camera that I am trying to get to work. The base cannot find the cameras.

I don’t have the black camera. This is the one that I have. I cannot get the base to find the camera.

This is the one I’m having trouble with. I can’t get the base to find the camera(s)

Thank You.

If I ask this before I’m so sorry. Is this the camera we are talking about? If so, it says to flash the firmware, put the SD in the camera. There is no place on the camera to put an SD card.

Ok. This is where I’m doing wrong. My problem IS with the original Wyze Cam Outdoor. I’m going to have to delete the old emails and start over again. :cry:

See the thing in your picture that says “micro sd card” that’s where you put it. Lift the little flap.

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@rich4121 , you may want to try and visit the forums/this thread from a web browser. It looks like there is some “lost in translation” with the emailed thread replies you are receiving and sending. If able to come here via a web browser, I’d recommend that as I use my phone to come here 90% of the time.

The flow of the conversation here, as well as the other post where most of these comments were merged from will be much easier to understand as the threads have a clear title, clear product topic tags, and a arranged by time flow. I think that will bring some clarity here. Thanks in advance!

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Thanx for the advice. I’ll try that. :wink:

Thank You. Much appreciated. :wink:

And we are talking about this camera and fash to software #?

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Thank You. :wink:

did you get things resolved?

Then where is the yhread for the original Wyze Outdoor Camera and what is the ORIGINAL Wyze Outdoor Camera called if not v1 ???

The v1 Wyze cam is diffrent than the v1 Wyze cam outdoor. One is battery powered and water proof, the other is not.