Wyze app 2.21, Wyze Cam Outdoor and Base Station, and Wyze Cam v3 Released - 6/14/21

Howdy, Forum Friends!

Wyze app 2.21 and Wyze Cam Outdoor and v3 firmware are releasing today! These include Siren support for Wyze Cam Outdoor, a low battery indicator for Wyze Sense v2, the ability to rotate no-go zones for Wyze Robot Vacuum, and more! :wink:

Read our Release Notes:


I’m applying them to my spiffy new cam outdoor & hub now… stay tuned for results! :blush:

BTW, @WyzeGwendolyn , can you elaborate on the “siren support” please? Does this actually enable a siren sound to emanate from the cam outdoor itself? Or is this a detection thing that enables the cam to notify when it detects siren sounds nearby? TIA!


Yes it does. It actually works very well on the outdoor cam. Open the live stream, tap more, Siren.


Interesting. I actually looked under “more” before even posting my question. I don’t see a “siren” option. App version is Android v2.20.21. Gonna bounce them both and update if anything changes.

Also, I updated the cam outdoor firmware prior to updating the base. Working in IT, sometimes there is a specific order needed… is that the case with these?

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I’m using the Android App 2.21.25 so that may be one reason for the difference. It may take some time for the Play Store to update to the recent App if it isn’t showing up for you.


Roger that. Yeah, bouncing both devices didn’t give me the option in the app version I’m currently running. I’ll fiddle with it later if I see an update.

EDIT-1: LMAO… yup, the app update has empowered me with hours of fun to annoy my neighbors… :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


I heard that. I activated mine and my wife said that was mean you scared me. :rofl: :joy:

I wasn’t expecting it to scare anyone but it did. Lol


Car alarms… your monopoly reign is at an end!!

I hope this doesn’t become a fad to set them off for outdoor cams in general. That would likely… 1) desensitize folks and 2) become a city ordinance genesis against “nuisance sirens”.

LMAO - occifer :policewoman: , please don’t take away my wyze :loudspeaker: si-reen :rofl:


On my Android phone, sometimes if you display the Play Store app entry, it will tell you that there’s an update, even before the notification arrives. Weird but it happens.


Yeah, can also depend on whether you’re on mobile data vs wifi + batt/charging status.

Install on my Android device without issues. Want to give a shout out to @WyzeQi and the Wyze Team on fixing the notification issue with the last Beta Release. Great job!


Outdoor cameras updated without issue outdoor base failed five times

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Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware (June 14, 2021)

  • Added a Battery Usage Summary in Device Info

Can this be explained more? I see:

How does the events filtered get tabulated? How come there isn’t a “idle” metric?

Edit, when connected to the camera and looking at the settings, is that tabulated under live streaming? Hmm?


Outdoor base Failed to update FW with app v2.21.25 , Failed with app v2.20.21

Unplugged power adapter for outdoor base for 1/2 an hour, repowered .
With app v2.21.25 , FW updated successfully

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I love this idea. While Idle should usually be a very small amount of battery use for most people, there are some cam placements where most of the battery will get spent on idle and just the PIR waiting to detect something. It would be nice to see regardless.


Very much hoping the following issues are resolved for all the people that were having repeated struggles with this:

I was usually able to fix those recent issues by rebooting my doorbell, but I know there are a lot of people who have been really frustrated with that and the rebooting wasn’t making a difference for some of them. I hope this helps those who were struggling with it.

Similar to my other cameras

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:thinking: I’d like to know how this WCO cam has 50 minutes of MicroSD card recordings, Time-Lapse, Scheduled Recordings when it has no MicroSD card installed. :grinning:

Edit: Submitted log, ID: 229918