Really Old Guy Needs HELP!

Hello all!. Got a question I hope someone here can help me with. I am disabled and my wife and I are seniors so being able to look at my camera to see who’s at the door(without having to get up) has been a great help. Unfortunately, our doorbell camera can’t pick up everything in our front yard so we would love to put a WYZE camera out there to see what’s going on. We do have a couple WYZE v3 camera’s but there is no power close enough to plug the camera’s into.

Does anyone know if there is a way to hook up a solar/battery panel unit that could be used power a WYZE camera V3 outside?? We have plenty of sun where we live but we don’t have plenty of money so buying another WYZE camera is probably NOT going to happen. Anyway, my birthday is coming up and if there is a way to power our two WYZE V3 cameras outside on solar somehow - that would be great - and I can ask our (adult) kids for it for my birthday. As always, thanks to everyone who offers help and advice!!!

Do you have a window near your door? I have had good results aiming my v3 cameras through double pane windows. Most of my windows have a power plug inside near the windows. Check out the picture examples on this link to see if this will work for your situation.

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Unfortunately I need to put the cameras out in front to show an area we can’t see from our front door or window. (We have a lot of kids jumping our fence to travel between neighborhoods, which we would like to keep tabs on. Now however some of them are leaving trash, and breaking things so it’s gotten to be a problem. Can’t really go to their parents until we know who did what. That’s why I’m trying put our WYZE Cameras V3 out front, but it’s not close enough to a plug. Plus I wouldn’t want to leave an extension cord out there plugged in.

If it were me, I wouldn’t have a problem running an extension cord from the outside house outlet to the camera for the short term until your kids could get an electrician to run a proper electrical line out to the camera from the house. How far is the camera located from house outlet ?

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Have you looked at a Wyze Battery Outdoor camera?


Would like to put it about 50 feet out, up high in a tree. And things tend to “disappear” when the teenagers pass-through our property. Already lost 1 electrical cord (left out for something else) plus several bags of aluminum cans. I know there is a WYZE outdoor camera that uses a solar panel and battery set-up so I am wondering if that solar panel/battery hook-up will power a V3 camera? Anyone know?

You will find helpful info on this link about solar powered v3 cameras.

Thanks. I know WYZE doesn’t offer anything to power a V3 camera via solar, and I’m not too good at doing a detailed & complex fabrication of a solar panel system. I guess I was hoping that there was a 3rd party device that could be used for the WYZE Camera V3 - perhaps a solar panel & battery system from a different MFC that could also work with our WYZE cameras

Since you say you already have v3 cameras, I would still put a couple inside looking out. Even if the windows / view / position is not ideal, at least you will have some cameras to keep an eye on the neighborhood children. At least temporarily until you figure out a permanent solution. Good luck.

No, the solar panel only works with the battery powered cameras. Besides, the V3 would be offline at night even if the solar panel did work.

As others have said, there really is not reasonable way to attach a solar panel to the wired v3 camera. It’s just not designed for power efficiently, so it burns through your batteries.

That’s why Wyze created the Wyze cam outdoors and battery cam pros.

I understand that there’s a limitation on money, and that’s why a simple extension coord is your best bet. If you really don’t want to do that and are willing to spend a lot more for a battery powered system, then a Wyze cam outdoor battery cam pro will probably be your second cheapest options.

Good luck!

Thanks. That’s probably going to be the solution

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What I did was buy long USB male to Female OR USB to Micro USB (which will plug into the WYZE cable and run it out the nearest window that is near the nearest indoor plug. I had to file a couple of grooves in window molding but no big deal. It is usually easier to hide a round USB cable (Or flat) than a big fat extension cord and you don’t have to screw around with changing batteries on the battery operated WYZE. If the distance is too long (20ft or more) you MAY need to buy a stronger power supply (maybe 3A) instead of the one that comes with a WYZE camera (depending on the model). Cheap on Amazon as are the USB cables. Happy to answer any questions.

Amazon has extension cables as mentioned some 30+ feet, also in black so they are not as obvious. I have used similar under mulch to get to a plug.

I am sure this will work but it is not made BY WYZE. It, like many others, is an off brand. The only WYZE Brand extension cable I know of is Wyze Cam USB Extension Cable - 20ft
Minor point.

It may or may not be helpful to you, but I’ve been running a V3 camera on a 42 Foot USB cable for about a year and a half with absolutely no issues. I just made sure to buy a good quality cable with good gauge stranded wires. It’s worked for me, so maybe would help a little with your camera placement. Good Luck!

Thank you everybody!!!

TO “JNLINK777”: What type & brand 42 foot USB cable did you buy?

For what it is worth this is the 42 ft one I used without issue as well. MOYEEL 42.5Ft(13M) Power Extension Cable for Wyze Cam/Wyze Cam Pan, Blink Mini/Blink XT Cam, Yi Camera, NestCam Indoor and Quick Charge Power for Home Security Camera (Black) (1 Pack)

Ditto what Reefer used… I got mine in White…Works great!

You really need an electrician to wire your cameras properly.
They could fit sockets, out of reach of intruders, near your cameras. if you prefer.
Christmas present from the kids??