Solar panel with battery for Wyze cam v3

I want to run my outdoor Wyze cam v3 with a solar panel. There are a couple that have a built in battery but the output is only 3 - 3.5 volts to micro usb. Will the low voltage operate the camera (perhaps with out infra red) ? Will it damage the camera? Should I just buy one and give it a try? There are a few places I’d like but just not easily available power outlets.

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The Wyze Cam Outdoor is designed for this, you can buy a Wyze solar panel for it and the cam itself has a battery. Without the solar panel the cam will last a few months, and with it the cam will never drop below 99% (at least where I live with lots of sun). You could find a solar panel for the v3, but if you don’t have a battery as well the cam will probably go on and off constantly. Guessing it’s not too good for the cam. I have seen some people use a battery bank and a solar panel, which does work, but the WCO is the best option.

You could use a 12v LiPO4 small 7ah battery with a 12vdc to 5vdc converter and secure it all in a weatherproof enclosure with a solar panel to keep it topped off and it should work fine. I like these converters


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