Solar, battery for Wyze Cam v3

We love Wyze cameras on our farm. The only issue is if we want to mount a Wyze Cam v3 away from an AC outlet. I’ve rigged a 12v-5v converter to a gel-cell 12v battery, a charge controller and solar panel. Its about $50 in hardware, it’s overkill and looks awful. Wyze should make a solar panel/battery for the Wyze Cam v3. You’d sell a lot more of them! For Wyze, it would be minimal, cheap and really expand utility of the system.


The Wyze cam outdoor is for this! It has a battery, and a solar panel (sold seperatly.) as long as it is in range of the base station, about 50-70 feet, it will work. The battery lasts a few months in my experience, but if you have the solar panel and it’s sunny, it will stay at 100-99% always.

Yes, I get that. I need more range, don’t want a base station. I have several solutions, but Wyze could make it more plug and play, rather than panel and project box.

I agree as well. The V3 is a more affordable outdoor rated camera and a compatible solar panel would be a nice option for those cameras far away from a power source.

Have you tried using an outside security flood light with a solar panel? I believe there are some with the necessary hardware if you wanted to get creative.