Give Wyze outdoor ability to connect to a wifi extender like wavelink

Give Wyze outdoor ability to connect to a wifi extender like wavelink

Use a Wireless Access Point in Bridge mode

That will not work…because the camera connects to it’s own wireless base station not the router wireless. The wireless base station is plugged in via Lan to the router. There needs to be a range extender between the two or a bridge capability with the Wyze Outdoor Wireless.

Connect Bridge via Ethernet to base and move base and Bridge to another location extending the range.

I did this setup for a neighbor where the main router was in the house and the bridge connected to WCO Base was in an out building, this significantly extended the coverage to his WCO that would not connect from a WCO base in the house. The TRENDNET TEW-638APB was low cost on Amazon or elsewhere.

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I have a TP-Link extender that I have plugged into an AC outlet in the garage. After establishing a wireless connection I plugged an ethernet cable into the bottom of the extender and the other end into the base station. My outdoor camera is located on a tree near the end of my long driveway and it works!

@dogfall - Updated my post above with more info and picture that can be clicked to enlarge…

I will give it a try. The camera is about 100 yards from the house at the start of the drive way. I have the WAVLINK AC1200. Thanks for the info!

Just be sure the Base and Bridge are in a weatherproof environment or container, and obviously will need power…

Hope it works out for you :wink:

It took me a few tries to get it to work but it finally did.

This V3 is on a solar panel with controller and battery and is close to 200 feet from wireless access point. Works well for me…

Hi Bryonhu

I would be very interested to understand your setup a bit more pls? We have a barn in a field about 100m away from the house. we bought a Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Pro Access point / extender to try and improve the wifi to the barn but no joy, It falls just short! So we are now trying to find another option. We have 2 x EZVIZ Pro BC1C 2K+ cameras each with its own solar panel. I am liking the sound of your setup and would love to know more, specifically the solar panel side of things as we have no power in the barn. I am thinking of getting a WAVLINK AC1200 wifi extender / access point for the barn and am hoping to power it with a solar panel. I know that I have to get something like a Gigabit Power Over Ethernet 24 Volt Step Up Injectorfor PoE to convert power from the solar panel / battery to POE so as to charge the WAVLINK access point. But, as for the correct setup for solar panels etc… I have no idea. So, any help offer would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

As far as needing 24 volts it would be better to build a 24 volt solar system than using an inverter/adapter from 12 volts.

Also if a P.O.E. is 24 volts you could easily build a direct power adapter to power a 24 volt P.O.E. circuit.
You would have to verify the pins polarity on the Ethernet from the stock POE injector as some manufacturers wire differently than others. but on a 10/100 Ethernet POE pins 4&5 and pins 7&8 are used for the 24 volts. You could take a RJ-45 jack and wire up those pins correct;y for power and that would inject the power.

Here a some solar power systems that can do 24 volts I found on Amazon, just for reference…
With some searching you might find a better setup than these below.

You will need to get a battery if one is not included with the system for night operation though…

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