Camera far from house (beyond wifi)

What are you all doing to have a camera past wifi range? I can run a long wire to something which works in the wyze ecosystem, but this doesn’t make it work I don’t think.

The cameras pretty much require an Internet connection.
A couple options. First is to extend the WiFi - mesh or WiFi extender. Second is to use a cellular hotspot to provide at or near the camera.

Third wireless WiFi bridge. Assume you have power…

So what have people here bought to solve this? Trying to keep it relatively simple.

What distance do you need? That would have an impact on suggestions.

108 feet. Through one outside wall.

I’d be very surprised if a wifi extender would reach that far, but I don’t have any experience using them. I have a barn/shop that is over that distance from the main house and I use two wifi bridges to make the connection. I have these, but they are end of life, but there are many others that do the same thing. They are a point-to-point wifi. I have an access point in the shop for multiple devices and it all works quite well. You do need a power source, however.

It’d be helpful if they released a ethernet camera that works in the ecosystem

Works well and quite easily with the V3, giving you wired Ethernet and POE, and RTSP.

Interesting! Does the cam still work seamlessly in the Wyze mobile app?

Camera works great with the Wyze app. Only downside is you need to run an older firmware to make it all work. I don’t care on my cameras because I’m not afraid of any security issues. My cameras are behind a firewall. As with most exploits, they need access to my wifi which won’t happen.

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Great info!! How do i / where do i get the required older firmware?

From another post on the forum:

There is also this official link that still works:

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You mention you could run a wire 108 feet. What about running Cat5 cable (if there is power) to another WiFi access point? This might be a solution to get WiFi to the far away cameras. Here a TP Link access point for $20.

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There are lots of us who have had camera connectivity and malfunctioning cameras . Most people don’t realize that WYZE Cameras depend on a strong wifi signal. I pulled my hair out with camera problems until I upgraded my Xfinity router to their best one and added three plug in pod extenders. Now all my 30 cameras work flawlessly.
I have wildlife cameras 150 ft from the house all functioning perfectly now. I even have two cameras 200 ft away on my neighbors roof working great. Spend some money making your wifi the best it can be!

Lot to be said for that. I am using Meraki Enterprise grade access points at home and as my kids will tell you, I have the best WiFi of anyone around.

You hit the nail on the head! It was just amazing how many issues I DIDN’T have once I had solid redundant WiFi with rural multi-WAN.

No doubt! I’ve been creeping out of consumer grade into Ubiquiti/Unifi universe and it’s not too shabby. But Cisco/Meraki is where the party really starts. :smiley:

The disgusting irony is that you need enterprise Wifi to make the $30 cams work well… kind of a hard sell to the average friends raising a fleet of kids who can barely afford one, much less the other…

Anyhow, the point to anyone else reading this post is that if anyone wants any cams to work really well, get that backbone rock effing solid!!! You will NOT regret money intelligently spent on the best wifi & internet feed you can possibly create.