Weather Cam? WIFI Distance?

Hi Folks, has anyone used the Wyze cams as outdoor weather cams? I realize the cam would have to be housed in a weather tight enclosure or placed in a shed looking out a window or some such. Also how far is the WIFI signal good for? Curious.

the wifi signal depends on your router, not the camera. if you have issues with the signal not reaching the camera you could always invest in a wifi range extender to help propagate the signal and ensure it gets to the camera and gives you a good connention.

Thanks Bam, yes I realize the router is key but also key is how robust the WIFI “radio” in the unit is. While my laptop runs fine at the distance from my router the WYZE cam would not pick up the router until I moved it closer to the house. Another issue would be how to get the video image on a website (not just the app) though I’m sure folks are doing that.

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I would say that Wyze Cams’ wifi range are similar to other camera and IOT devices. But it’s impossible for anyone to give you a number because it depends on so many things: your router (as mentioned above), the number and type of obstructions between the camera and the router (eg walls, glass), the crowdedness of the wifi channels, other sources of signal interference, etc.

I don’t believe they are. As of this date you can’t see the feed from a browser, for instance. On the wish list if you want to vote for it though:

I did try BlueStacks on my Mac which works pretty darn well, problem is when I installed and ran it on my aging Windows laptop I couldnt get it working since the CPU doesnt support “virtualization”. Sadly thats the machine my weather station is on 24/7 so I’ll have to figure out another solution. At this point I’ll probably invest in a higher end cam so I dont have to run an emulator at the same time.

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