Ideas for indoor/outdoor wireless access point (WAP)

Hello Wyze!

I think that you guys should make a WiFi range extender that is weatherproof. This would be nice to have with the Outdoor Camera you are working on as well as for non Wyze products such as a smart phone to use when outside of your house.

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There are lots on the market already. Slapping a Wyze logo on one doesn’t seem necessary.

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Yes but, from Wyze’s point of view it would bring in some extra money for them.

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Plus imo the less brands to tie together the better. I understand some brands do things better than others. But when it’s a product that any company can make I like to stick with a single company or the fewest companies possible.

Yes. That is why I would like Wyze to make this. I like their products and would like to stay with them. Eventually, I would like most of my smart home products to have a Wyze logo on it.

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I guess that’s why Apple has done so well.:slight_smile:
I guess I’m not that brand loyal.



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Would love to have Wyze Outdoor cameras or V3 Cam extend a lot further in range. A base station booster, and outdoor base station range extender, whatever is possible, but I was hoping for 150 feet through wooded property. Right now I get about 40 feet or so.

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Are there plans to design a WiFi extender for the v3 camera when it is mounted outdoors? Mine keeps losing connection to my WiFi

I watched your success video because of cam plus. If you want to turn wyze into the #1 wifi outdoor camera over night…create a Wyze camera WiFi extender similar to wavlink

Or give the Wyze outdoor camera the ability to connect to a wifi extender. out door cam is meant to use where you dont have wires. On a ranch or bigger location, an extender would change the game for this model of camera for sure.

Booster option

I would really like to have the option to purchase a booster designed for the outside camera package to extend the distance to place cameras.

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There are many outdoor access points (WAP) that do the job. If Wyze does make one it will be one of these with a Wyze label on it.

“One of these” no link or info atached

Sorry, I didn’t realize you didn’t have access to Google or Amazon.

TP-Link is fine. I use this type. It works good, just not well known.

Make sure it supports the 2.4Ghz band.

Wireless Access Point

I would like to see a wireless 6e Access point with a 2.5Gbe PoE port (or optional power supply). I know they just came out with a mesh system, but my main router is going to be a Firewalla Gold Plus. That will be a far more robust and secure device than any generic mesh system. So if they had an access point that had 2.5Gbe ports I could use them to provide better wifi than a mesh system every would.