Wyze WiFi booster / extender

So all this stuff works off WiFi why not make wyze WiFi boosters😁. Sounds like an Awsome idea to me. If you do I would like to be the first to try it!!!
So excited to here about and try.

Here’s an idea, make an add-on wifi extender in the same style as Roku to boost wifi signal/range.

I would love this! I am currently using an asus router and extender and my extender drops signal once a week and has to be restarted to get it working again. A wyze version I could control from the app would be great, and maybe even easier for setting up new wyze devices.

Would like to buy a reliable, no BS WIFI extender for the whole house from Wyze a brand I can trust!!! What do you think?

I am trying to get our Wifi to more areas of our 1/2 acre property and realized how great it would be to have something from Wyze to help with this. It would also help to strengthen connections to the Cams I am using. The available outdoor products are very expensive and Wyze could make bank if you could develop one.

Netgear Orbi Mesh system works great for me, add satellites where needed to extend your range. I have a good WiFi signal with those covering 2 buildings and 4 acres.

Besides indoor units there are also outdoor satellites too…

Do you have just one ssid or separate ssid for 2.4Ghz ? Thanks.

The Orbi mesh system allows multiple ways to configure, on my system both 2.4GHz & 5 GHz WiFi use same SSID. If you wished to you could name each WiFi different also…

Great idea…

Pass wifi thru camera

Would love to see the ability for the camera to be able to be used as a mesh point or a range extender. Basically passing the wifi signal along to a camera that is not close to the wifi.

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Wyze Mesh Router as wifi extender

“Be Friends With Users”…Friends don’t force friends to buy 2 extra routers when 1 will do!
I have AT&T fiber internet with an excellent modem/router already. Should be able to use Wyze router to simply extend existing wifi instead of being required to buy 2, set 1 beside the existing router and connect with Ethernet cable, then use the other as a remote wifi extension.

Like most things proprietary, Wyze has no idea how your AT&T access point works. Normally you would simply replace your existing network system with another.

Since AT&T fiber internet uses a standard Wi-Fi 6 modem/router it’s not exactly proprietary and is pretty well understood. Perhaps it’s asking too much but this is a wishlist after all :-). Regardless, I will not drop $100 to replace a perfectly good root router before buying more routers to extend reach.